elorde kapitolyo

Four bruises and a scraped knee. These I got from a couple of rounds of practicing knee strikes against a concrete wall poorly masquerading as a heavy bag in the latest edition of my muay thai training at Elorde Gym in Kapitolyo, Pasig.

Don’t be alarmed. This is a treat compared to my first crack at muay thai a little over a year ago. Well, when muay thai first cracked me is more like it. But on my top form, all eight limbs collided with a target with a sound that seemed like I was about to inherit the earth. I was damn proud of it. Having abs on the side did not hurt either. Unfortunately, I stopped training and is now mighty paying for it.

Getting back on track is more difficult that never having been on track. There is more pressure, frustration, and disappointment. But patience is the key. Rome was not built in a day. I just have to fight, and keep on fighting, even if I do not want to. And as I did my cardio and floor exercises right after muay thai training, believe me, I did not want to. But I did not stop when I was exhausted. I stopped when I was done with my day’s program.

nav kapitolyo

After two, maybe three hours of hell, the boy took me to a nearby Thai restaurant. Recovering did not prove too hard, thank God. We had beef tenderloin and fried rice. Fresh and tasty, but the amount of inedible lemongrass on the beef was shocking.

This was his second time here, the first he thoroughly enjoyed for the ambiance of the restaurant. I would not mind coming back myself. Highly likely, considering the hundreds of training days required before I regain my strength! But I will get there. After all, the boy is an A+ boxer, and a hot one at that. Got to keep up!


  1. Are you a fitness enthusiast ? When I was live in manila I have my own fitness club . Are you overweight or just right? If you need some advise just let me know and we can work on that.


    1. thank you! i like fighting and am training muay thai. all is well so far and am looking forward to becoming a better fighter. what happened to your fitness club?


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