Ikkokuryu Fukuoka Ramen makati

In Thailand, ramen won my heart. I know it is supposed to be pad thai, but no happily ever after there for me. Really. Good thing the boy is smitten with ramen as well, with most kinds of noodle dishes actually, especially beef pho. So when the cravings hit, noodle time.

However, it is no craving that led us to Ikkokuryu Fukuoka Ramen in Century City. The boy is still not 100% and there is nothing like a good, hearty broth to blast every molecule of sniffles out his sinuses. It helped tremendously. He was able to work after lunch and had enough energy for a walk. Noodles are fantastic. I won’t be surprised if it brings peace to all corners of the world one of these days.

Speaking of noodles, one of life’s biggest mysteries to me is why la paz batchoy, the most beautiful noodle dish in the Philippines from Iloilo, has not reached global domination. This is a question I throw repeatedly to the boy whose roots partly come from the same province. La paz batchoy is a combination of delicious noodles, broth, egg, and meat, including liver and innards. The taste is sublime, subtle yet complex, and I am sure every single ramen lover in the world will also approve of it.

Naturally, the boy and I are head over heels for it, downed one bowl after another like mad starved pigs just a couple of months back when we stopped by Iloilo during our grand summer vacation down south. I am telling you. If you are infatuated with noodles, find a goddamn way to taste authentic la paz batchoy. This is where you will find love and keep it.



  1. Such passion for Ramen! Haha. I haven’t really tried one. Poor me. I’m not into soups and broths that’s why. I hear you about the La Paz Batchoy. When the Ramen craze hit Manila I thought La Paz Batchoy will be included in the limelight finally. Must be the liver and the innards? I for one find it eerr a bit bitter? Or I just didn’t try the authentic one? Tasted it from Ted’s La Paz Batchoy btw which is inside a mall, far from authentic I suppose


    1. ramen is life. even if the sun is baking, i won’t say no to a good bowl of ramen! so what kind of noodles do you like? pasta? real la paz batchoy is killer. not at all bitter. the broth is subtle and everything else packs the punch. phenomenal food. i wish i can virtually send you a bowl from iloilo. it’s just gorgeous.


      1. Yes I’m into pasta. I eat noodles, it’s the hot broth I’m not fond of. But with your recommendation, I’d really have to taste authentic La Paz Batchoy. I must book those plane tickets to Iloilo the soonest


    1. hi, good on you! dive into a bowl and be reborn. the varieties are endless too. i am partial to the spicy ones but there are delicate kinds as well. go and find that first bowl!

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    1. great choice! i won’t mind eating la paz batchoy daily, too. such a shame i failed to sink my teeth into their pastries! but there’s always a next time. it’s never too far away from boracay!


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