One foot inside the door and immediately, I forget everything. Every thought of past and future detonates. All that matters is now. My eyes drink everything in and a quiet excitement takes over me. The smell alone appeals to the deepest parts of me. I can taste the promise of beautiful things. Only a matter of time.

I slither in and around, touching, feeling. My fingers run through every nook and cranny, and revel in it. It takes effort maneuvering through the crowd, quite a miracle if I see you here, and I have been waiting years and years. Frankly, my hopes have gone to the bin. But every time I come here, I fantasize about you. We would lock eyes and my heart would skip a beat. I would try not to scream as I make my approach and reach out for you with one hand. Two. But all this time, you were never there. How many years have passed? One? Two? Four. It feels like remembering a person I have never met.

But there is a time for everything, and what a surprise for our time to come today, when I least expected it, when the thought was not even on my head. There you were. A single piece, alone and looking out of place at the most bottom shelf. I caught sight of you the first time I lowered my eyes. Could it be? I glanced again and it is real. It is you.

My one hand rushed to my mouth. Happy day! But I cannot possibly be any luckier, can I? Yes. Another face pops out of the crowd. Another one for me. Another one I have longed for since last year. Wow. Amazing things do happen when they are bound to happen. Now, I can’t wait to devour you two, suck every inch of life, and stuff my eyes with wonder. What a pleasure.



    1. hello again! many thanks. this is the sole book post i ever did. i became preoccupied with eating, traveling, and fighting. but i love books, as i am sure you do too!


      1. I do live the written word — both reading and writing. It’s good to be active, like you are. There’s plenty of time for the armchair stuff later. So, I’ll read about your adventures, instead! Sounds cool!


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