When there is smoke, there is food. Like a kid in Disney World, food tents and weekend markets are infinitely exciting to me. The wondrous colors of stacked produce, the hypnotizing aromas of various food being cooked, and the delightful sounds of people eating happily – what a joy!

Lucky, I live near the Legazpi Sunday Market in Makati, easily one of the most beautiful celebrations of food there is. The options are intergalactic! In one corner you have the frangos, pierogis, and souvlakis. Make a turn and you are greeted with satay, nasi goreng, bagnet, oyster omelet, and ramen. Sausages, grass-fed steak, burgers, empanadas, and pita breads are all present. There is an assortment of cupcakes, rice cakes, and ice cream, as well as whole wheat baked breads and pastries. One section is devoted to organic and vegan choices. Fresh seafood, fish, and meat are available. What more can you ask for? It is every bit traveling the world on a plate.

For my Sunday breakfast, I went with takoyaki, pictured way above. It is beautiful Japanese street food: balls of light dough, stuffed with cabbage and squid, and topped with dried fish flakes. I am allergic to most seafood but I am the bravest. Plus, the boy is not around to swat my hand so effortless, risking it on the squid.


Also, because I have been training hard lately (abrasion on both elbows from striking yesterday at Team Insider), I gleaned a treat in order and indulged in some churros: crispy strips of dough, fluffy on the inside, and dusted with cinnamon sugar and dipped in gorgeous dark chocolate. So good it makes me want to believe in love. Despite the heat, I didn’t mind standing in front of the bubbling cauldron, watching the churros turn from a leukemic wanness to a golden promise of sweet deliciousness. It may not be the healthiest idea though, attacking the entire box on my own, but self-restraint lost this round. Clearly.

But unlike yesterday, I was able to take a walk after getting the nod of approval from my belly people. I crossed the park with the million happy insects livened by the violent rain last night, and did a bit of glorious book shopping in Greenbelt.


After, I found a seat in a gastropub to watch the UFC. No, I did not eat. Just got a lemonade and took the greatest pleasure in watching Carlos Condit return to his gorgeous and monstrous fighting glory. The boy met him last year; such a tragedy I was hospitalized then. Oh well, next time!


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