Pizza or muay thai training?
With chicken wings?
Damn you.

I should be ashamed really. Not only did I skip the gym, I also had the nerve to eat pizza and chicken wings for dinner. And ice cream for dessert.

The guy who was supposed to spar with the boy cancelled late. Bummer. We were on our way to the gym. If the traffic was not bad, we would have still gone, but all the cars crawled in one direction. Plus pizza and chicken wings are delicious.

As we ate, the boy and I discussed weight cutting and how it is the ultimate sacrifice before a fight. Training to hell and back is no joke, but training to hell and back and finishing it off by making a prune of yourself is beyond me. It is nothing short of miraculous.

I love food and dieting is against my principles in life. I even told the boy I train more only so I can eat more. Naturally, because he has sense, he disagrees. He says it is easier to go on a diet than employ Satan as your drill sergeant. Maybe, I reply, shoving more pizza into my mouth.

I am full.
Me too.
Ice cream?


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