Coming home to me means excellent seafood. Lots of it. My parents live in the coast, by the beach, so you can imagine how fresh the seafood is. Crabs, shrimp, mussel, fish, squid – just, yes.

I have mentioned I am allergic to some seafood, but whenever I am back home, I would rather suffer and be drugged than pass on this cathedral of goodness.

Today, I had lunch with my dad and we had rice and crab in coconut cream sauce with some chili. A spectacular meal. The crab is fresh and sweet, swimming in a most flavorful, mildly hot, coconut pool. The boy would certainly love this. He would’ve eaten loads and loads of it! But don’t tell him I said that. In Makati, we don’t eat a lot of seafood because it can never be as fresh as here, plus those are mightily overpriced as well. Pointless.

With seafood, the fresher the better. I remember one of the best meals I have ever had. A fisherman gave my dad a piece of tuna he just caught and within 10 minutes, fish on the grill, cleaned and simply seasoned, and that was dinner. Does it get any better than that? No way. I am indeed very lucky!



    1. wow, you’re not? why? am sure you will fall in love with it when you come in this region next month for phuket top team! speaking of, one person i know just returned from training in isan. you guys are so hard core!


        1. i am genuinely hoping the crap there is a typo! of course, he debuts as a pro tonight. am hoping training in isan gives him an edge. i will tell you if he wins.


  1. Your diet and lifestyle choices remind me of some-one I know personally. I hope Satan is as good a cook as you and has been reading your blog, because it looks like I might end up meeting you at his cafeteria.


          1. Haha, I’m afraid I would have to go back to work…Korea is a lot of fun! You have to go! Haha…If you are interested in Japan as well, check out my previous posts on Kyushu.

            I can only travel during the school holidays, sadly… (-.-)”


            1. good job! i will check them out for sure. teaching then? most of my trips the rest of the year are set. maybe korea next year. have a safe trip to seoul!


                1. cool, do you teach math? thailand again, then vietnam and cambodia, cebu, and boracay to train muay thai. novemeber and december not sure what i will do. i can’t believe you’re wandering in seoul and am here having breakfast, sheesh!


                    1. because am sure there are far more interesting things to see this morning than my bowl of cereal. from ph, you? aha, do you teach literature? haven’t been diving at all! ate my heart out jn sabay bay last april. but am going back to cebu to see the beach because i stayed in the city last time, and boracay because am training muay thai. there’s a gym there i’d like to stay in for a while.


  2. Hi Micah! Well, that sounds awkward like I’m speaking to myself. Anyway, I gather you’re fond of seafood and you live in Makati. I’m from Paranaque and our wet market here has enough resource for fresh seafood. It’s fairly cheap compared with the price of seafood sold in other cities of the metro.

    You can go to a place in the coastal area called “Bulungan”, it’s a port for all things seafood. It’s called as such because you’re supposed to secretly whisper to the vendor when placing your bid. But that is not the case now. Vendors give a fixed price and you either haggle or you buy it if it’s within your budget. Best to go there at the break of dawn.


    1. hello, what a treat to speak to you! how are you? yes, i adore seafood and deem it worthy of my death, as i’m allergic to most but still eat it. your market sounds great! i wish to see it one time. i have a thing for markets, or food watching in general. so therapeutic! are you a big food lover as well?


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