Any day that ends with tasty chicken sisig is definitely a good day. Sisig is a wonderful Filipino invention that perhaps the doctor won’t recommend, but I would. Traditionally, it is made with heart attack and pork: cheek, ear, liver – even brain – included, served with an egg on a hot plate and flavored with chili and calamansi, the local lime. A most delicious way to get sent to intensive care! Eat at your own risk and don’t blame me.

Even the fast food version the boy and I had at Pugon Roasters in McKinley Hill almost sent us into a food coma. Maniacal eating is never as attractive as when you have lost weight and we thought a celebration due. Sisig, roasted chicken, and rice started our party, which later ended with coffee and blueberry cheesecake at Sophie’s Mom, the pinkest coffee shop on the planet. How the boy was able to stand the place is beyond me, but seeing all his hot in that background is tremendously amusing.

Good day on all fronts, but what made it great transpired on the drive home. My arms wrapped around the boy, my head on his shoulder and his resting on mine, a drizzle cooling the night. That moment, it occurred to me how right everything is in the world. I could not ask for more. If a moment is all you can really ask from perfection, then I have had my heart content in that exact place and time, beside him. That, or I just had a mini-stroke from the sisig. Worth it.



  1. I make really good chicken sisig! At least my friends tell me so. But the pork version is something I cannot quite master so I just settle with restaurant-bought pork sisig.


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