I needed a massage after watching Joanna Jedrzejczyk give Jessica Penne facial reconstructive surgery earlier in defense of her strawweight belt in the UFC. Fucking hell. That wasn’t a fight, that was carnage.

If my cats understood muay thai, I am sure they would be similarly amazed, but they remained unimpressed throughout the bloody fight. One even slept in the middle of it. Zero fucks given. Because, you know, they are cats.

But I adore Joanna. If Jose Aldo mesmerizes the boy, my star is Joanna. Outstanding muay thai technique at the core of her MMA armada. Beautiful monster.

Highlights of the fight still danced in my head while being massaged and I had to choke them out to allow relaxation. The fight this morning was dynamite for my spirit. I am excited and motivated to keep training and push forward.

Also, maybe I can bribe my cats so they will cheer for me. Or at least pretend, that’s okay, too.



  1. That was brutal and yet beautiful at the same time! I couldn’t sleep after watching the fight. I have watched it 4 times already and learn something new each time. JJ is showcasing more muaythai technique with each. Although has boxing has improved immensely since her muaythai days, believe she’s a better kicker and now she is super comfort with her TD defense. Scary to imagine what muaythai arsenal she’ll unleashed on her next opponent.

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    1. very. extra glad we’re not jessica penne. where are you watching the repeats? joanna is phenomenal. am amazed how fluid the muay thai runs her mma show for her. and so much striking power! wow, just wow. wonder who is brave enough to challenge her next?


      1. You can watch it on Her next challenger will probably be Jessica Aguilar or Claudia Gadelha.
        A fight between her and jojo calderwood would be interesting. Speaking of fluid strikers, check out alexa grasso and irene aldana.


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