It might be that only a greedy pig would eat salted caramel gelato and drink luscious coffee at once. Well, that’s me. My sister and I enjoyed a treat-filled afternoon, after staying indoors the entire week.

Beautiful massages started our parade, the kind that sends you into a catatonia of relaxation. Harder, harder on the back, miss, thank you. Then, we stopped by Stregatto in Balanga, a wonderful coffee shop that is just an explosion of cuteness. This is where Alice in Wonderland would have tea with The Hatter. Just not sure if The Hare and The Mouse will be let in, but I am hoping for the best.
We had coffee, cake, gelato, sandwiches, and pasta. See, we know how to administer top class comfort. Don’t worry. You just have to be greedy enough and your belly people will adjust. It’s an automatic response.

Naturally, I also think about the impact of such gluttony to my fight training. As announced before, dieting is a virtue I lack. I do understand something magical happens if one is disciplined and only indulges in healthy food, but really my choices today are good for me. I am feeding my spirit animal. Required. It is a rest day after all. I will worry about the damages tomorrow. As if.



  1. lol we all must indulge once in a while. Key thing, is to not let it be a regular thing. Gluttony is not considered not a sin for no reason. 😉


      1. Ahhh, thank you! If I’m not completely comatose when I return then I’ll be sure to write about the adventure. If it gets too bad then I can always tie her to the roof rack, that would be fun for her, right? 😉


    1. hello, thanks for dropping by. am so sure if i stayed longer, i would’ve seen alice in wonderland pop in. it’s a lot of fun. they even have ice cream cone chairs of many colors!


  2. Hi there!
    Thanks for stopping by and liking my cheesecake! This place looks amazing, definitely feeding the inner kid!
    Refreshing to hear you mention how greedy you are and yet still manage to stay fit with your training. Healthy food is great but I’ll still always be dragged back to comfort food… Just a pity I haven’t mastered the training part yet to keep everything in balance, haha!


    1. hello, thank you! eat all the food is always a good idea. if there is no food, i won’t train really. i only do it so i can stuff my face with everything and a fantastic cheesecake such as yours is always on the list.

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