Mondays I have come to detest. No other day comes close to exciting in me a much purer surge of desire to simply be out of shape. See, every Monday I get a new set of exercises that I must repeat daily for the week. Naturally, Day 1 hurts like a motherfucker. But so does Day 2 and Day 3 and so on.

The boy designs my assigned work, possibly inspired by Atilla the Hun, and inadvertently challenges my abilities to control homicide. I study the routine, try to do the first set, then daydream of eating a million chicken nuggets. Sometimes, the boy demonstrates each bullet and I pretend to watch and listen to him, but I am secretly just thinking about more chicken nuggets.

The list this week I especially abhor. Trust the boy to focus on areas I hate, areas triumphantly attacking my weaknesses, which of course remind me why I must undergo the suffering in the first place. As I understand it, the problem is not that I don’t want to do the exercises. The problem is that they are freaking hard and I have to do everything, every day, especially when I don’t want to.

I am forced to dig deep, push myself further, be in absolute control of my mind and keep it one with my body. The amount of discipline required is alarming. Not easy. But all my bitching considered, totally worth it.

While I do hate regular training more often than not, how I feel doesn’t matter. How I overcome the negativity does. I survive by repeating to myself, “Let me tell you about the day I give up. Not today.”


8 thoughts on “THE DAY I GIVE UP

    1. sometimes i call the boy satan. he doesn’t mind. because it can be true. but i am sure, even when the boy and dave put us up in a standing fight with death, we are very grateful for their support, patience, and belief in us. no matter how much we bitch about them, too. thank you for dropping by and please say great work to dave for me!

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    1. hello susanna, thank you. yes, alarmingly so. but this is how we get results, correct! it takes a lot to get over the complaints of a tired body or an unmotivated mind but if we keep going, we will win in the long term. the days when i hate it most are not as productive physically, but mentally and spiritually, i know i am getting better scores. so even if i complain until kingdomcome against the boy, he knows i am secretly very grateful for his tyranny.

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  1. Now that’s a cool post. We’ve all been there, it is not easy but having willpower is making all the difference. I’m currently reading a book called “Willpower instinct” which is all about self awareness and self control. It’s a good read and probably going to help you even more to go through things that matter to you. Here’s her blog if you are not following her yet šŸ˜‰

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