A pro fighter from Pacific Xtreme Combat asked the boy to spar today at Team Insider. Our original plan is to train lightly at Team USA but why turn down an invitation to intensive care, right?

Usually, we only have a light pre-training meal but this outing has The Last Supper written all over it so we just ate with no regrets. Of course, later I regretted it, arriving at the gym alarmingly lethargic. Really terrible. I found myself saying, “Please God, hasten my metabolism and I promise to never overeat again prior to training. Also, please forgive me in advance for lying about never overeating again… all the damn time.”

But a fighter gym is a fighter gym and we have to do what we got to do. Mostly, this translates to a rainbow of pain but the best part about facing Hannibal is the skills rub off on you, which is always something surprising but horribly effective. We ended the training session satisfied of our hard work and proud with the progress we have made. The movement of the boy is an entire world better! I know this because I critically watched him spar and not only focused on his bum. With me, the highlight of my day is the muay thai pad puking its guts after I kicked it. I have never wrecked equipment before and it is oddly nice to get to it.

After training, the boy and I had Indian food at Al Batra Coffee Shop and Restaurant near Team Insider. Certainly, there is no need to say we ate with a vengeance. I know I promised I won’t overeat again, but judge me if you must. I have already won.



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