If I am not greedy I don’t have to complain about plane food, because death is far from imminent even without eating on a three-hour flight, but I am greedy so let me just say my macaroni and cheese from this morning is on the running for the most disappointing macaroni and cheese this side of the planet. It is not macaroni or cheesy enough. Worst of all, I am stabbing it minus the boy. I miss him.

I arrived in Bangkok earlier for a solo relaxing trip, which I am obviously failing at because whatever I did today I know it will be infinitely better if the boy is beside me. Oh well. Maybe I just have to try harder.

My activities today aren’t spectacular but I did enjoy the chicken fried rice I had for lunch and was amused by the movie Southpaw I saw after. I don’t have a photo of my meal because I ate it all up before a snapshot occurred to me. This is really my favorite Thai dish. Every time I’m here I crave it. Suck on that, pad thai. But I managed to take photos of the crazy art in the restaurant. The boy thought them whimsical, too.

As for the movie, it is on its first day of showing at Terminal 21. The story is predictable and mediocre at best, but the technical aspect, the training and fighting, I enjoyed. I appreciate that it focused on movement, control, and defense, not just power and aggression.

The opening scene with the hand wraps I particularly liked but my favorite shot is when Jake practiced weaving in the ring. With his black hoodie and fluidity of movement all I saw is the boy on the big screen. Have I mentioned I miss him?



          1. I’m in Sukhothai and my favorite food is either penang curry with pork (Penang Moo) or Sukhothai Noodles. Hard to choose. What about you?

            You would think. All you need is some pasta, shredded cheese, and boiling water. The right shredded cheese is hard to find.


            1. i haven’t been to sukhothai. is it far from bangkok? i saw good penang moo in chatuchak! i like the basic stuff: chicken fried rice they do there! doesn’t taste the same anywhere. it’s driving me mad! oh wow, cheese issue. tough luck. so there is not a lot of restaurants with foreign food there?


              1. Sukhothai is a 5-6 hour bus ride from Bangkok. Most people stop here on their way up to Chiang Mai. We have about 3 actual foreign food places. A Russian guy and his wife makes baller wood fire pizzas and decent hamburgers.

                As far as the different tastes go I’ve just had to find which stall tastes the best for each dish and that’s the only thing I ever get there. I have about 7 stalls I rotate through during the week for something different each day.


                    1. wow, there is another guy i follow doing the same thing. good on you, where are you from originally? i like traveling to bangkok to take breaks. it is near and not too expensive.


                    2. i wish i can explore as much! idk the dates of yi peng as well but it is still far so no worries for now. i think the big festival happens in chiang mai. see you then!


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