This is my current problem: when I train muay thai, my body hurts; when I don’t train, my body hurts, too. My limbs really. What the fuck do you guys really want?

Since my return from Bangkok, a kick pad has yet to graze my skin, my foot has yet to step on a sweaty gym mat. Full weeks since my last training session; a tiny forever has passed and my body is craving the discipline. The skill, the routines, the repetitions, the sweat, the drive, the pain – my mind and body lusts for them. Why must you betray me?

Oh, because of the little roll forming around my midsection that is a place where my abs are supposed to be. Well, maybe I am slipping a bit in the fitness and training department but I have been indulging an extended vacation by the sea with lots of sun, stunning sunsets, and bingeing on rice, seafood, potato chips, ice cream, chocolates, and cookies. So who is the real winner here?

But I do miss the gym, miss training my ass off, miss the creatures from the black lagoon, and even miss getting hit in the head. Ah well, one more week of relaxation and off training with dragons once more!


18 thoughts on “TIME OFF TURBULENCE 

      1. I run, as never used to be able – knocked out 13 miles max… Gym wise I use for weights only, I also got to a training class 3 times a week in the park – Kettle Bells, ropes, pivots and bar bells… And play squash – really like the routine of it…


            1. between 3-4 hours. once you get there it just eats all the time and you hardly notice because it is fun! good luck with your classes. am sure you will do well.


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