Almost time to go back. I feel better. I guess anyone who consumes everything I have stuffed my face with these past days is bound to feel a hell of a lot better.

How much I gained I am not sure and I wish I can deny the spillage my shorts are seeing, but something definitely grew around there, I’m telling you. But fuck it, I need the food to cure all my ills and it has served me well.

 These are Filipino favorites. The first is puto bungbong, traditionally eaten during Christmas, while the other is palitaw, a common sweet snack in the provinces here. Both belong to the rice cakes category and both put a smile on my belly people’s faces after a good hour of swimming.
This last one is deep fried squid and crispy pork chops, otherwise known as happiness gold. Very acceptable way to die from a heart attack. Totally worth it.

Also I went out yesterday for some Italian and kind of pigged out. Do not ask me how much food that means. I do not put a price on alleviating human suffering.

So there you go. Apparently, binge eating works wonders for the upset. There is really nothing food can’t fix. Aren’t you glad?


28 thoughts on “NOTHING FOOD CAN’T FIX

          1. Hmm yes- we have them in the states but our rice cakes are hard and crunchy. Most people don’t like them. We can go to Asian restaurants for sweet rice cakes like the one you have posted.


            1. well these are definitely the antithesis to hard and crunchy. what i like about the ones we have is they are not too sweet. the sweet part is served on the side. i’m telling you, the sticky rice with mango from thailand i can’t eat because it is god awful sweet.


      1. We all do what we need to do to feel better. We’re all given that, I believe.

        And yes to Christmas food! If ever there is anything better than it, I have yet to encounter it but I seriously doubt there is any that would make me feel as good as the ones we have. Just the memory of it makes me feel so warm and nice inside.

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