Food, to me, is a language. A most delicious expression of affection. Naturally, after not seeing my sisters for a tiny forever, catching up is done through a day of food tripping, and man, was it glorious.

We hit three towns and visited three restaurants, tearing through the menu of each. The amount of food we consumed in so little time is almost fatal I feel lucky to tell the tale, and maybe a bit guilty for being a pig. Just, maybe.

The first place we went to is a new restaurant in Orion, Bataan called The Food Project. It is the size of a post stamp and it is mighty cute. We had the usual snacks: fries, nachos, chicken wings, plus waffles and sandwiches. I actually tried to phase myself but I thought fuck it, I am ready for the food olympics.

Marcena in Abucay is the second place we visited, 30 minutes after. This one has more of a coffee shop vibe than the bistro it is trying to portray. My belly people were bloated coming here but I managed to squeeze in a cup of mocha and tuna pasta. 

See, there is no such thing as a full stomach. Shove it in your mouth and it goes down. Be strong. All a matter of showing your body who’s boss.

The last stop is Chill and Grill, a bar in Balanga City. My sisters had beer while I am the forever boring one drinking my lemonade like a nine year old. The food here is the usual greasy and awesome Filipino bar grub. Will you die if you eat this food always? Yes. Is everything yummy? Also yes.

The first one is a disappointing plate of sizzling pork and tofu. It has so much mayonnaise I can make three bowls of macaroni salad out of it. 

The next one is interesting: a dish of gizzard and liver cooked in oyster sauce and calamansi, a kind of lime. First time to try it. Surprisingly, it was not as horrible as I imagined! 

Finally, we had a small tray of deep fried chicken skin and prawn crackling. Just fucking yes.

This much food with my sisters in four hours, give or take. Tell me what love looks like. And just to be sure, I had ice cream on the drive back. Best decision ever



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