I made Corona beer cupcakes. Who wants to be friends?

I don’t drink alcohol but beer has found a horrible but effective way to come inside my body. Through cake. Sneaky fucker.

The recipe I stumbled on tumblr. Curioser and curioser. I had to bake it. I added a cup of Corona to the cake batter but Blue Moon gets the important job done well, too. Or any other beer, I guess. Do you, you know?

 Look at these little cakes. Little angelic drunken bastards. They taste really nice, not too sweet and light and fruity. Essentially, they taste like beer and smell like beer. What is not to love? My sisters all drink and you bet I won sister of the year honors when I served these.

Goes to show, sooner or later, we all succumb to beer, which is really, the natural order of the universe.



      1. Cupcakes aren’t exactly my favorite pastry. That’s quite unexpected from someone like me who has a sweet tooth. I only eat cupcake when the frosting’s made of cream cheese. How about this one? What’s the frosting made of?


              1. I haven’t tried baking a cheesecake. I just buy from my tried and tested bakeshops or home bakers. I’ve tried making the no-bake version and it was also good but not quite the same.One needs to use a lot of cream cheese in order to achieve the creamy and velvety texture for the no-bake version


                1. i think a couple, sometimes 3 packs, of cream cheese. that is a lot and seeing all that with sugar and butter might turn your appetite off from eating the cheesecake. better to just buy and indulge.


                    1. The best cheesecakes I have had were bought from home bakers – Joy San Gabriel (she bakes beautiful & mouthwatering wedding cakes too!), Lori Baltazar (she’s a food writer and owns the blog called http://dessertcomesfirst.com/blog/). I have tried a lot of cheesecakes but I always go back to Starbucks for a satisfying fix. Banapple’s version is also good although the quality has depreciated a bit over the years.


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