My extended holiday ended yesterday. Back in my apartment in Makati. Happy, happy, happy. You would think cleaning the house is the most logical first activity but I have always been illogical so I left the mess worth weeks and weeks and had a big fat meal. It is not like the dust bunnies are going anywhere.

My food of choice is ramen, of course. God, I missed this. As much as it is great to see my sisters and spend time in our ancestral house in Bataan, there is nothing like independence. Eating when I want to, doing whatever I fancy, staying in bed for forever, going to wherever and at any time, and being responsible for myself, too. Being alone gives me tremendous joy. 

I like the idea of asking myself what I want to do today upon waking up, and even if my answer is most often “Nothing” the autonomy and empowerment that come with that control over my day offers me a high. This is great. Welcome home, me. Let us pick up on our adventure. I hope your ass is ready. 


14 thoughts on “ALONE AGAIN, NATURALLY

  1. I deeply agree with you. There is nothing more immersive than being alone. Even at a primal level we don’t dwindle in the fear of others and since we are safe at home it’s just a blissfuck of power. šŸ˜‰


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