My craving for chicken fried rice is the size of the world. I ate it everyday in Bangkok. Stop judging me. If you think you can ever have too much chicken fried rice, you are spectacularly wrong, and shame on you and all your ancestors.

Naturally, when I saw chicken ginger rice on the menu of Your Local in Esteban, Makati, there is no force in kingdomcome to stop me from having it. It is not exactly my chicken fried rice but it has chicken and rice so might as well.

The plate is pretty. The chicken is soft and succulent and I most enjoyed the spicy carrot-colored sauce. The rice is mushier than I prefer but it is not the end of the world.

Still, I had a good lunch because I shared it with my friend I haven’t seen in a while. Well, I really haven’t seen or talked to anybody the past month, apart from my family, because I am being dramatic, as you know.

Lovely, lovely to catch up. She is an IELTS teacher and I told her my intention of teaching English as a second language. She is most helpful. Any of you guys have any idea how I can go about my interest? 

I am keen on finding out what courses or exams I need to take. I am a content writer by profession and have teaching experience in university as an academic and clinical instructor for nursing students. Any feedback is much appreciated, many thanks!
This we discussed, among many other things, in an adorable coffee shop we visited next. Toby’s Estate is all the way in Salcedo Village but it is worth the effort. Really good coffee and cookie.

I noticed that the food they serve has depth, in such a way that instead of simply being bitter or sweet, there is suddenly something more mysterious about it. That is sexy. Just, yes.

Now I am exhausted but my day is awesome. Here’s to you having a good one as well.


20 thoughts on “SO WE MEET AGAIN, OLD FRIEND

  1. Hehe, try out Wee Nam Kee’s chicken rice! After tasting their Hainanese chicken, I can really say that the store IS a legitimate authority when it comes to that dish. Toast Box also does a fine take on Hainanese chicken rice with their chicken chops version; they fried the chicken, giving it a crispy and flavorful skin. πŸ˜€

    Speaking of Toby’s Estate, they have a branch in Ortigas now – a plus for Northerners who want to try out the place without the need to go to Makati!


    1. aha, more chicken rice information. thank you! i have a toast box near me and will have a go. idk where is the nearest wee nam kee’s though. am not even sure if i have seen one. is toby’s estate an aus brand?


      1. You’re most welcome, and hope that helps. πŸ˜‰

        If memory serves me correctly, Wee Nam Kee has branches in Ayala Triangle Gardens, Glorietta, Trinoma, and Fairview Terraces. As for Toby’s Estate, I think it is an Australian brand.


  2. I dint know Bangkok had such amazing food. Being from India i think i simply must try that chicken fried rice from the photo. Delicious πŸ˜›


  3. It depends on where you want to teach and in what context. There are a lot of places where you don’t need much training at all. Had a friend who is a film maker just get back from living in Thailand for two years where she taught English, and she had never taught anything before in her life. I would just research where you want to be first and then let that determine what classes or experience to het


    1. hello, many thanks for being the first to be generous enough to answer my question. i think you are correct. i am actually thinking of thailand, too. any idea how your friend pulled it off? again, thank you!


  4. Hello there!

    Thanks for reading my blog- I enjoyed yours as well!

    I am just wondering, though… do you have an ‘about me’ page or post? I am interested to know just who this Micah character is. πŸ™‚ Are you from the US? Where is all of this Asian food happening at? Etc… πŸ˜‰


    1. hi, thank you! each post reveals who i am, far better than any about page i can ever write. also, i am lazy so i don’t have one. am sure we will get to know each other better by following our posts. looking forward!

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