Greed triumphs once more. Driven by my infinite craving for the glorious chicken fried rice of Bangkok, I have taken it upon myself to make a bowl that will send my belly people cheering. 

Today is the day. Day 1 trial: success.

My bowl is made with brown rice, chicken, tomatoes, carrots, rosemary, soy sauce, sesame oil, and tons and tons of cayenne pepper and calamansi. Some egg would be nice but I am only making a cup and I did not want to end up with scrambled egg and chickeny rice. This tastes divine though. Light with flavor accents in all the right places. I deserve a fucking medal.

Obviously, the real thing is an entire world better but I am tremendously happy with what I put together. This passes as chicken fried rice served in the streets of Bangkok. Just good, honest food. Unlike the last one I had at Your Local, which is damn pretty but trying too hard.

Wow, this is dangerous information. I might end up eating only chicken fried rice for the rest of my days. I will be a chickenfriedriceyovre… which is really not that bad when you truly think about it. Who’s with me?



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