Museum runs are undoubtedly the sole adult thing I do while traveling; everything else is just running around, testing my limits, and wolfing almost embarrassing amounts of food. Almost.

In Cebu, Museo Sugbo is my first stop; the other two being Halad Museum and Jumalon Butterfly Sanctuary and Art Gallery. 


The complex that is Museo Sugbo is built in 1870. Very not recently. It used to be a provincial jail, popularized by a viral video of its Thriller-dancing inmates. Now its coral walls house artifacts depicting the heritage of the island. 

You don’t usually hear museum and prison in the same sentence but Cebu nails it. Think of it as an ex-convict who discovered culture after serving sentence. Go ahead, lie to me and say you aren’t curious to see it.

The second gallery is pretty badass. Money, cigars, alcohol, amunition. As if I landed in mafia wonderland.  




The glasses of guerilla money truly fascinated me. Bundles of old bills that would get you killed as fuck if found in your possession during the war. 

‘Death due to money’. Not the sexiest epitaph, is it? ‘Death by lechon’ sounds way better to me. Greasier, but hell sexier.



  1. To full honest myself out, I used to hate museums. My mother dragged us to them on long road trips and I just dulled out of my eyes. I didn’t really get the point and was a hyper child (oh ADHD) and couldn’t stand having to stand there and read entire sentences of history. Recently though I’ve started to appreciate museums the more I understand what happened in our past. I really enjoy ones that deal with more than war is the main issue I face, but lately I’ve visited ones to do with plantations and old time places that showed how people used to cook and use little flames to heat up their curling irons.


    1. history of food! now that’s a museum i want to see. as a child, i have been taken to children’s museums so not a lot of grief. these days i do museum runs to learn more about the place i am in. traveling has me curious of everything. it is a nice.

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