This is a story of the beautiful and the damned. I imagine lechon as a married man’s affair with the hottest and most unforgiving woman in kingdomcome. The highest of guilty pleasures. There is no saying no. Not now, not ever.

You know it is wrong. You know you will die of heart attack but you are powerless. You dream about it at night, the delicious mistress ruthless in haunting you day and night. It brings you to your knees. But you are outrageously glad for it.

Lechon, lechon. You gorgeous porky promise of cardiac arrest. It is a whole pit-roasted pig, with skin as crispy as the thunder of Thor. The meat is moist and succulent you will be tempted to lather the grease on your skin instead of your bland, boring lotion that is not even edible. 

This is Cebu’s gift to the universe. Rico’s in Ayala delivered my poison. They do it in utter perfection Zthere is no need for sauce, and as an added pleasure, they serve chili-flavored ones. The taste is like taking your mistress on a weeklong holiday, I shit you not.

There is really no going around it. As you clean serving after serving and feel a block of pig fat traveling up your veins, threatening to clog one eventually, all you can do is ask for more, more, more

We are all damned. But deliciously so.



  1. I’m part of the minority who isn’t fond of eating lechon, I’m weird eh? But your very graphic description made me want to try it. This Ricoโ€™s in Ayala, do they deliver anywhere? Oh wait, do I have to buy the whole thing? Hahaha


  2. Reblogged this on That's Life and commented:
    Being a food lover, I simply couldn’t resist the craving from all the oink dishes, I see. Let it be a cardiac arrest or guilty pleasures. My all time favorite, Lechon Kwali, Crispy Pata and Kapampangan Sisig… Hence, I decided why not reblog this…


      1. The closest I could think of is called “ribbe” in norwegian or grilled/ oven roasted pork ribs, a traditional norwegian food serve during Christmas. but still, lechon in the Phils is the best! It’s making me hungry just thinking about it ๐Ÿ˜


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