Traveling makes me feel like the ultimate player. The beauty of a place attracts me and I come drink it voraciously, consume it unapologetically, but after a few days, I’m gone. I pack my bags and leave.

I visit because I hear the experience is worth having, then I bolt, without a concrete promise of return. If I am dealing with a person I’m sure stunning issues of ‘worth keeping’ will be raised, as well as hell on the side.

But I guess the saving grace with traveling is this: I keep everything, even and especially when I leave.

The experience of a new place changes me forever, rearranges my insides, and sometimes my outsides, too. Meeting the locals opens my eyes, widens my perspective. Indulging in the culture deepens my understanding of humanity and diversity. Eating the food – well that just makes me happy. I can say something poignant and dramatic, but happy as fuck will do.

I need to go home now, Cebu. You are awesome as awesome can get. Four times and you remain fun and surprising. I know there is a shitload I have yet to unravel about you, so until we meet again. You rock.



  1. I was in Cebu earlier this year, and it is truly so beautiful and filled with culture! I am half philippine and really love learning and discovering something new about it each time i visit! I absolutely adored the taoist temple, did you go inside? Lechon! the food of the region!


    1. hello, did you have a good trip? i went inside the temple, second time to be there and fourth time to be in cebu. massive island and lots to see and do. wouldn’t mind returning! i did an entire post on lechon. porky goodness that can’t be beat. glad to come across a half-filipino here. where are you in the world now?


      1. I loved it! Aside from a bout of allergies caused by a particular sun cream haha. Cebu is HUGE isn’t it? My family are from Manila, so we usually go to Batangas for the beach. Lechon is incredible, but coincidentally, I am half Portuguese as well, and we do something very similar called Leitao, which is cooked in a very similar manner! Lechon Leitao.. you can see the latin there. I currently live in England 🙂


        1. massive island. try to head to bataan for the beach next time you are here! same distance, stunning sunset, and seafood from poseidon’s feast. i am totally in love with it. if leitao is as awesome as lechon then count me in. oh cool, you are the first portuguese i happened to talk to.


          1. Believe me, it is! I find it quite amusing that both sides of me culture have a very similar typical dish!! OOOOOO will keep that in mind 🙂 do you keep your travels strictly to asia?


            1. more than amusing, it is delicious, you lucky girl. have yet to step into europe. there is just so much to see here. just in my country, i will run out of days before i turn every notable rock. my head is filled with travel dreams though. so much to see and so much to eat. if you happen to be around, give us a bell. always happy to meet blog friends.


                  1. Ahh Philippines! Makes sense now 🙂 it is beautiful and if you ever venture to europe i will give you some tips 🙂 I will be back in PH in the next two years probably


  2. I like this article about how traveling opens your eyes and changes your insides. I feel the same way about some of the cities I have traveled to.


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