Let us talk about good food, muay thai training, and mistakes

Back in the gym after a condensed eternity. The day can only be explained by vast, untrammeled calamity. No surprise there.

To summarize, my ass got kicked. Literally, figuratively, metaphorically – whatever you can think of probably applies.

I lost count how many times I picked myself up from the canvass and my assortment of bruises looks like God is testing ink on new printer.

Really no such thing as light training and sparring. Lies, I tell you. But I learned new techniques on clinching and throwing, which is nice, but does spectacularly nothing for my body pains.


Naturally, I comfort myself with a couple of bowls of chicken wings, with fries and onion rings.

After the beating I received, I would like to see anyone try to steal these from me.

I’m quite confident I will end up with complete bowls, plus a dead body.


23 thoughts on “10 CHICKEN WINGS AND A DEAD BODY

    1. oh hey charles, have you read the way of the fight by gsp? i am going through it now and it is fascinating. i can email this to you if interested. would love to discuss with another person!


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