I can’t be vegan. Ever. Because lechon. This I realized while eating yakiniku yesterday.

As a kid, the only vegetable offerings my belly people accepted were squash and eggplant. Because they taste acceptably nothing and I can just swallow these without choking to death. But now I appreciate vegetables and a varied diet, beautifully imbalanced by sugar and junk food. 

While I train muay thai, I am not fussy with food. I will eat anything once, I shit you not. I will never go on a strict diet, too. After all, I only train so I can eat more. There was a time when I made an effort to watch what I eat, but after careful consideration, not for me. Thank you for the opportunity but cake makes the world go round.

Also, I hardly believe the only way to lose weight and be nutritionally sound is by going vegan. Dude, pandas?

9 thoughts on “THE MEAT OF THE MATTER

  1. All that food looks so delicious. Go figure because I just woke up and haven’t had my breakfast yet. I could never go vegan as well. I mean, I eat my vegetables; but forget trying to go vegan. I’ve had people in the past getting upset with me because I have to have meat with every meal. And I don’t know if it’s a good excuse when I say “I’m Native American. We’ve been doing this since the beginning.” It goes the same for wearing fur and leather. 🙂


  2. thank you for liking my post.
    omg!we are in the same boat.. i tried to eat just SALAD whole day, i was able to handle it but the next day i craved meat sooo much and even junk food, gosh! >.<


  3. I have days like that as well, always sudden and randomly. But I think it all comes down to balance, you can go wild and eat bad food and then balanced it out the following day. Take the stairs, drink more water, swap sugar for cinnamon, salt for spicies…you dont have to be vegan for that.


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