I could see my house from here. Well, not really, but hard to believe these lights are from the metro. My hotel room in Antipolo feels like another world, yet this beautiful view from my window overlooking Manila reminds me I am but an hour away from the city.

Antipolo has an appeal similar to Tagaytay. It is high and the temperature isn’t ass baking. I don’t know why I have monumentally overlooked it. No, actually I do. Because it is near. Mine is the usual traveler mistake. I cast my eyes halfway around the world without realizing the wealth in front of my face.

More than ever, I am convinced, beautiful is a lot closer to home.

Case in point: the Hinulugang Taktak. How is this not beautiful? By accident, I stumbled upon a sign pointing to the 12 meter high waterfall. I did not plan a visit – I even forgot what a Hinulugang Taktak is! Humiliating, since it is a textbook classic.

It is beautiful. More so because it came to me unexpected. A surprise. It did take 112 steps to go down but this is a time for martyrdom. Amazing the things you really see, if only you let your feet take you.



  1. Hello, Micah! I enjoyed your photos, especially your waterfall ones. I LOVE waterfalls! 🙂 There were two sentences that stuck out for me, as I have learned them in my experience, and they are…..”the wealth in front of my face,” and “beautiful is a lot closer to home.” I look forward to more of your posts. 🙂


      1. Yes, I have learned about appreciating the very near this summer. I started going for daily walks along one of the country roads near where I live, and each time I would see something different and equally beautiful….whether the cloud designs or some of the wildlife or the wildflowers. And I realized then, too, how much beauty I was finding so close to my home. And I wondered, why it is we always feel we need to go far to go see beautiful places. 🙂


              1. Yes, that is one big reason why I take photos…..as possible images to add to my blogs and also to remember something very special I have seen. And sometimes I also just stay in the moment and live an experience. 🙂


                  1. I don’t know, Micah. It’s been a puzzlement to me for some time. Other people have had the same difficulty. Some of them have figured out other ways to get around that. One told me that it seemed to happen when she was using wordpress on her mobile but it was fine on her computer. Other people used other ways to find me. If you click on this link, I think it will help you….. https://dreamymichaela.wordpress.com
                    Somehow wordpress is confused somewhere, but I can’t seem to solve it.


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