Some people call it guilty pleasures. I don’t. I hardly ever feel guilty about anything I find pleasurable. Like this cake from Wild + Flour in Rada St. Definitely not a guilty pleasure.

Look at it. It is a piece of the night sky and a slice measures to that of the Australian continent. No, this is not a guilty pleasure. This is a bad decision. Of the best possible sort.

But hey, I am 100% sure this is healthier than cocaine so no hard feelings. Admittedly, it is so difficult to think negatively while surrounded by all this sugar.


I went to Wild + Flour with one of my best friends after having breakfast for dinner at nearby Milky and Sunny in Gamboa St. 

I may be seeing voices now in my sugar high and is on the verge of a food coma but I stand by my decisions. All worth it.



            1. there is actually one i have been looking forward to try for some time now. it is called paper moon, a tokyo brand of crepes. maybe i will go to more of these places and tell myself i am doing recon for you.


      1. Really good I guess. Working hard, going to the gym, hanging out, being online….living life. How about you? πŸ™‚ It’s really nice to connect with you here


          1. Jeez be careful of the bruises is that from doing kick boxing? I did a yoga class tonight which was lovely and gentle but it wasn’t hardcore enough so did about half an hour on the stepper and rower after that πŸ™‚


            1. muay thai sparring. it was the last round and my face was falling off from exhaustion. i did not see them coming. yoga! good on you. am really interested in trying it. i feel it will do wonders for my flexibility. does yoga help you relax?


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