There is an entire street in Bacolod dedicated to its famous chicken dish called inasal. An entire street. It is called Manukan Country, meaning Chicken Country. Every meal I ate here. I tried to emigrate but I cannot find the right counter.


What they serve here is grilled native chicken. Simple and straightforward but goddamn delicious. The entire island must eat here come Masskara Festival and I don’t feel bad at all for the chicken Holocaust happening at the back of the restaurants. It is for a worthy cause.


Also, apart from inasal, they have fresh oysters here. Mountains of it. The best part is everything comes cheap. The difference is not subtle. It is lethal. So be warned. Food coma is good. Death, not as much. How can you eat more if you are dead?

But the best thing I ate in Bacolod has got to be mangosteen. Because the lady selling it on the street gave it to me free! I told her I have never tried it so she picks a ripe one from the bunch, hands it to me, and instructs me how to eat it. Thank you, lady!



        1. you are after my own heart. there is one guy who said the other day that he has gone from eating just because to eating to support his training. i said that is great and i will also do that maybe in 10 years.


  1. I’m so jealous! I want meeeaaat! All that’s here is fish and ribs. I remember when I was in Mongolia I ate an entire lamb. An entire lamb! It was sooooo good. I don’t know why your post reminded me of that, but now I want lamb soooo bad. Why did you do this to me? Send me one of these chickens! Express delivery!


    1. an entire lamb, am impressed! you are after my own heart. inasal is phenomenal. calls for obligatory immoderation. why is meat lacking there? please tell me bacon is accessible. just lie to me otherwise.


      1. For over seven hours it baked in an over that looked straight out of some horror film or some Medieval dungeon. The entire body.

        Oh, that was cruel. Very cruel. I decided to Google inasal to get a better idea of what makes it different, and Google Images slapped me in the face. I’m so hungry now.

        Meat is not lacking, but in southern China dishes are prepared with the meat on the bone, so there is very little.

        Also, *there is plenty of bacon.*


        1. i can imagine it. interesting how some of the most horrendous looking things end up very tasty. inasal is pretty special, you can get it from everywhere here but nothing compares to eating the original in bacolod. i will have to search food from southern china. it is midnight here and am also working an appetite, some luck we have!

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              1. It just goes to show how much I love my students! I am the model teacher!

                “Praise me! Adore me! I am magnificent!” he shouted to the class, and he took note of those who rolled their eyes.


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