Have you ever looked at a plate and thought, “This is it. This is how it ends.” In my delicious meeting with this curacha meal, I figured if death comes my way, I will go down fighting and I won’t have any complaints.

I am not entirely sure what is the official name of curacha but it is similar to a lobster. Maybe it is the love child of a lobster and the Kraken. The flesh is meaty, sweet and salty, high in cholesterol, but who’s counting?  When I saw this for breakfast I figured, “This is it. This is why I became an adult for. To eat this massive sea creature despite my allergies and nobody can tell me I can’t.

Obviously, I survived this colossal crab and now that I am older and wiser, I can tell you that taking the risk is worth it. I will do it again. For the glory of my belly people.

24 thoughts on “THIS IS HOW IT ENDS

  1. Hey. thanks for stopping by and liking my post.
    Thats how i found this story of yours.
    Must say that i have also had similar thoughts while eating a crab or a chicken. What was the crab doing when it got cut, what were its last thoughts, did it see the killer approaching, and in the end i make up a story in my head, “how was he killed” :p
    Loved the title 🙂


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