Adobong pusit, how about this black seafood dish for dinner? I know, I know. It hardly comes across as the prettiest thing in the world. Heck, it even looks like tiny pieces of swollen aliens bathing in boiled printer ink. But have faith

It tastes spectacular. Just close your eyes if the presentation bothers you and let this bowl of deliciousness from the Dark Lord’s kitchen meet your belly people.

This is made from squid, ink and all, plus vinegar, soy sauce, and garlic. The taste is fresh, like the sea, with a subtle zing from the vinegar. Cut up or whole, the squid is cooked until tender and smelling like kingdomcome. Best eaten with rice. 

The color may be intimidating, but I am certain your own cauldron of emotions is even darker, so move past the ink. It is edible. Also delish, have I said that already?

Look, I don’t know if you have similar black dishes in your continent, but this is hardly the most terrifyimg dish in the universe. I wish you can all give it a go. 

Yes, you will have goth-inspired lips and teeth after eating adobong pusit, but your belly people will be so charmed it won’t matter. No, don’t tell me it does. I don’t need that kind of negativity in my life.



  1. At first, I thought they were mussels. However, after reading the description, I found my mouth watering for a taste. In Italian, we call it Calamari. One question: does the ink change the flavor? If not, perhaps some could make it without; after all, anything with garlic in it can’t be all bad.


  2. First – thank you for liking the recent post on my blog! 😊 second – I fell in love with Paella Negra in Madrid some years ago. Have you ever tried that? It is a similar evil looking dish, but oh-so-yummy. Somewhat different from regular paella, but it’s my favorite!

    I would LOVE to try this one! If ever I see something with squid and ink on a menu I get it, hands down, no matter what. I guess I’m on the Dark Lord side too for this one πŸ˜‰


    1. not yet tried paella negra but i have heard of it. must be great if you are hands down in love. think we have a fetish for squid ink here. it is also used in burgers and ramens.


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