If surfing in the Philippines is a baby, it came out of the vagina of Baler in the province of Aurora.
Sleepy town, by the coast, between five and six hours outside of Manila. Not much going on here, but the surf is something. Maybe everything. Hell, definitely everything.

The sea is never empty. On one side, you see beginners getting pushed on their rented boards by the local surfing instructors. At another end, the pros have a go, looking extremely free and extremely cool.    

The atmosphere lulls me into a catatonia of relaxation; in fact, any more chill and I will probably be dead.

This is good. A quiet and relaxing town. I did not plan to go here this year, but visiting to end a spectacular 2015 of traveling proves to be the right decision.

Now don’t be envious of me. I know the sun and surf is phenomenal here and there is a good chance it is dark and cold wherever you are but… Okay, I think you should be envious. 



  1. So fantastic πŸ™‚ makes me feel even more prepared to go to Mozambique for New years! will be taking my lovely boyfriend to the philippines eventually to see one of my homes πŸ™‚


      1. I have spent every New Year for the last 3 years with my friend Wendi, and I didn’t want to not see her, and that is where she currently is. I have always wanted to go there, because I am always interested in going to places that used to be Portuguese territory and therefore have a very mixed heritage, so it will just be killing two birds in one stone! Plus a tan during the northern hemisphere winter is a rare thing to get πŸ˜›


  2. Great post I do envy the quiet and relaxing bit. I’m in a warm coastal mega city in West Africa, anything but quiet over xmas and new year. That’s actually when we get most people and traffic, all the folks in diaspora ( including me) escape winter somewhere and come home for holidays


    1. where in west africa? i have never been! baler is nice because it does not get too crowded. it is very rural though, not much going on apart from the surf.


      1. Born and raised then moved away for college, work etc for almost 10 years and I have been back 2 years now so I’m starting over- love/hate relationship going on. There are 36 states in Nigeria. With recent events you want to steer clear of Northern states (not all of the country) but with that out of way still number of interesting cities lagos, abuja and port Harcourt being major 3 expats tend to live in What I like the most about lagos. I’ll say 3 things -work hard, play hard mindset, spicy food, and friendly nosy people


  3. Hi Micah, I sure am envious, but in a good way – those views are stunning and your photos make me feel I am there! Thanks for sharing and for checking out my new blog. Happy New year!


      1. Happy New Year to you too! It is wet in London, has warmed up slightly today to 9C. I am looking forward to spring here and more of your photographs πŸ™‚


  4. Never cared much for surfing. Too many stories about sharks, and I am too much of a pansy, but that beach sounds and looks simply magical. Clouds rolling in like the waves. I want to be there, especially with all the rain here in Guangzhou.

    Typhooooon comin’ (I hope not)!


    1. pretty badass to have an epitaph reading “half-eaten by a shark”. come by one time from china and enjoy the beaches here. may the typhoon not pummel you! heading towards summer here so i guess i will just revel in the sun for both of us.

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      1. It is badass, yes, but I can tell my children to put “beat a bear to death with his disembodied arm”. After a hundred years, who will be alive to say it was a lie!


  5. Wow! What a blog. I love your natural writing style too. I’ll be back… there is so much to see here! Thank you so much for liking my blog.


  6. I’m jealous and Im in sunny SoCal, but its not tropical here. Been to PI but never saw surf like that wow, bigger then the surf I saw in Hawaii’s North Shore when I attempted to boogie board there. Traveling is a bit of heaven on earth no where where you go most of the time.


    1. baler is a good place, but i liked la union more. bigger waves! what do you usually do in socal? yes, i love traveling, hopefully i will be a nomad for a very long time.


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