Do not mistake the Millennium Tree as winner of the creepiest thing in Baler. Yes, I half-expect the Leshi to leap out of it, but hands down, the toilet of The Rolling Store takes the horror cupcakes.

It is inside an abandoned hospital. Most of my pee dried up. Poisoned by crap scary movies, a single look at the long corridor is almost enough for what is left of my pee to migrate up my kidneys.  

To make it worse, I did not know where the toilet is exactly. I had to try one door after another, and some where even locked. 

Every second spent searching for the toilet drains my blood, replaced by a smooth paste of dread, and a stronger urgency to pee. 

I finally found it inside the derelict office of the chief nurse. Never had I cursed a bodily function so much. I swear I did my thing as if I am chased by Hannibal. Strongly not recommended. 



  1. Thanks for stopping by and liking a post on The Expositrix! I’ll have to say, that hallway is definitely worthy of horror cinema– which I like as long as everything’s on the other side of the screen. Kudos to you for even going in search of that toilet in the first place!


  2. Hi Micah,
    Just caught up on a bunch of your posts and I have to tell you that I thoroughly enjoyed reading every one of them!
    It’s also pretty inspiring to read about your dedication & passion towards travel, seeing how I’ve only recently been bitten by the travel bug myself.
    Thanks for posting these. Looking forward to reading many more!


        1. i could. but i am a lazy bastard. hey, i feel slightly stupid. somehow i lost following of your blog. i thought you just weren’t posting. but am glad it is all fixed now. great to hear from you again btw!


                1. am so glad your trips have all been well. your recent posts look so serene, unlike the angry hoyden resembled by mine. before baler i went to bacolod and that trip seriously challenged my will of living.


                    1. so many people i know are coming to or have visited japan. for sure i will experience it one day but probably not this year. my travel plans are taking shape and much of it is dedicated to combing the many islands here. how about yours?


  3. Note to self: do a post on toilets (the good,the bad, and the ugly), and the lack there-of. Anyone who has traveled can relate to this horror.

    This was short and sweet (OK, not overly sweet, but funny).


    1. toilets are always a wild card with every new place, particularly in this region. you just never know what you are getting! looking forward to your toilet post and many thanks for dropping by.

      Liked by 1 person

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