This is a continuation of my quest to educate ignorant judgy swines the world over. Here is the first part of this delicious introduction to authentic Filipino food.

A single post won’t suffice. So much incredible food around here my belly people simply won’t rest. Are these good? The short answer is yes. Long answer? YESSSSSSSSS.

Sili, tuna stuffed and breaded chili, taste like fire, the stuff of legends.  I am crying.


Dinuguan, mysterious and decadent soup of organ meats, pig’s blood, deep and savory with a spicy kick; goes well with rice but matched perfectly with puto, a steamed rice cake made special with salted egg or cheese.


Menudo, hearty and meaty pork with liver and diced root vegetables, simmered in a thick tomato sauce; menudo on the table means party time. Trivia: in The Philippines, our parties are ALWAYS over catered.


, traditional chicken soup with ginger, chili leaves, and green papaya; a revitalizing soup that banishes colds, and melancholy, as required. 

Bistek, often made with beef but pork is equally divine, bathing in rich soy, onion, and tangy calamansi sauce.




Sinigang, one of the most common everyday food, usually made of pork or fish, vegetables, chili, and a souring agent; has a great zing that slaps your tastebuds to life.

Naturally, this list will be incomplete without…

, succulent, melt in your mouth meat or seafood cooked in a complex soy and vinegar sauce, peppercorns and bay leaves; probably as many individual recipes as there are islands in The Philippines.

If your opinion of Filipino food has not changed after these couple posts, you can go to hell. Or to my house, so you can eat the real thing and stuff yourself to death.


28 thoughts on “HOW TO NOT BE DUMB, OR FILIPINO FOOD 102

    1. lots of vegetarian options here, especially in the north where the vegetables are almighty fresh! my favorite is ginataang langka, which is unripe jackfruit with coconut cream.


        1. that’s great, i hope you find your way to the north. one of my most favorite places there is sagada. great coffee and yogurt. very good organic food.


  1. Oo am so glad I found this post! I’ve always wanted to try proper Filipino food ’cause in terms of your cuisine, you never see it around – like you don’t usually see restaurants, TV shows, recipes etc. Hope there are more posts like this ’cause I’m so ready to be educated in Filipino cuisine 🙂 🙂

    (sorry for the shameless plug but have a food blog so if you have the time and are interested:


    1. thanks for dropping by. we are underrated and sometimes even misrepresented in the global culinary world. but there is hope. i am glad you enjoyed this post. hope to hear from you again sometime!

      Liked by 1 person

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