Forget everything you think you know about Boracay. Legacy Gym Philippines blasts the World’s Best Island to another stratosphere.

This facility in Diniwid is the epitome of ‘Work hard, Play hard’. I promise you, it is serious. This is where the Lord’s work happen.

Once you climb the goddamn hill to the gym, you are a fighter. If you think you are not, tough luck. You might as well be dead ass walking to your funeral. At least that is what I thought at the start. But like it or not, Legacy will make a fighter out of you.

The entire experience for me is nothing short of amazing. Coming here, did I think I am a good fighter? No. But did I previously try to be a better fighter every day? Also no. This is where the miracle of Legacy Gym Boracay happens.

I am just a squirt of a girl but the improvements in my muay thai technique, fitness, strength, and cardio are phenomenal. Sure, I won’t be fighting Joana Jedrzejczyk any time soon but this is absolutely my best shape ever.  
 The fight training program is just perfect. I find it hard, then harder, but always just enough to push you to dig deep and reach for that next level.

The pro trainers have a sensational understanding of coaching. Regardless of where you are on the pain scale, they will bring out the best in you.

In fact, they teach extremely well you are motivated so fucking much that you show up for training, twice daily for two hours each, even if you are already tired tomorrow. I have never worked as hard in my life nor have had as much fun!   
Living in camp tremendously helps. You just need to go down the stairs to reach the gym. Not much excuse available.

Plus the other fighters around also encourage you to keep on going and simply focus on not dying. Great convivial and supportive atmosphere.

Everyone works hard, fights intelligently. Lots of respect. No meatheads. The only competition is yourself.

If you are interested in fighting, be it boxing, muay thai, grappling, or MMA, or even just plain fitness, do yourself a favor and define and redefine yourself in Legacy Gym Boracay.

It did not become world famous for nothing. Beginners welcome. I will return as often as I can, and I hope to see you there next time.

Welcome to the Legacy Boracay family, fucker.



        1. that is the coolest! i have always wanted to try that. so graceful but strong. i hope you get the chance to train in legacy. awesome place. always lots of fighters training. the learning is endless.

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                    1. sweet, i hope you make it happen and see you in legacy. to me it really was life changing as it was life affirming. i will tell you more in my next post.


  1. Wow! you make it sound like its one of the Shaolin Temples in Mortal Kombat! I have always been facinated with muay thai… just need to find an “authentic” trainer and grow the balls to face the pain!

    Well done and Kudos to you…. girl!


    1. far from a shaolin temple! it is a lot of fun here. even if we work hard, we also go hard on fun. the environment is so healthy. it is inspiring and i can’t tell you how stoked i am on training right now! just do it if you are interested. i never thought i’d manage or last but you just keep going and become better every day.

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