My time in Legacy Gym Boracay is every bit falling down a rabbit hole and emerging with a better understanding of Wonderland and beyond.

See, I may seem like an overfed pig with hedonistic tendencies, and well, you are not wrong. But the good news is my pleasure appetite includes a lust for adrenaline that best explains my fascination for fighting. Never serious or continuous though – something that Legacy Gym Boracay completely changed. 

Counting the days to flying to training camp, I was not confident nor prepared. In fact, it was one of those times when you make plans and as the day comes you think “Maybe I would rather die than do it“.

But I am ready to try, and more important, fail. 
After my first training day, my friends asked me how I went. Hell is fine. Every minute of the class fucking martyred me. I possibly complained every five minutes, screaming “I am so done with this shit” then I just keep going. I am sure the other fighters around are thinking, “You must be new.”

I do the same for every class. It kept getting increasingly difficult, but it made me stronger. I feel it. I learn more. I understand more. It was constant discovery and rediscovery. New techniques, fixing the basics, working on strategies. The program in Legacy Gym Boracay simply rocks in all of kingdomcome. 


 After two days of massacre, I was all in. My attitude changed. The Legacy trainers pulled out the fighter in me and the difference is not subtle. It is lethal. 

Suddenly fight training is the axis to which the Earth revolves. The desolation of me being a pussy. Every time my pro trainer tells me I am strong, I fucking believed him. With all the force of my life

Now it is serious. I take my muay thai fighting to heart. I think of myself as a fighter. I know I have improved and I will continue to work hard. 

The changes Legacy Gym Boracay inspired in me are not only physical or mental, but quite spiritual. Now I am not afraid to die in the ring. But hopefully not.



    1. there is. you can look up the program in their website. but i came here for the striking training. it is excellent. i hope you can visit legacy. send me a head’s up when you do and hopefully see you soon!

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  1. “I think of myself as a fighter” Love this line… it makes me think with martial arts, or just sport in general no matter the level we perform at when we start thinking like this – how much of an impact it has on our life.

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  2. One line of advice – what doesn’t kill you only makes you STRONGER!! Love your resolve. And its imporant that inclination comes from within first. You have clearly put your heart, mind, body and SPIRIT into Muay Thai… Jesus…. are you the next Bruce Lee in the Making!!!


    1. or mentally unstable! only joking. i had a lot of fun and i can honestly say i am a changed person. i have so much more appreciation for the art, the training, the fighters, everything. i can’t wait to go back. when you decide to fly over here, make sure you come to legacy too.

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    1. i love training more because of legacy. it has transformed my complete attitude. i hope you can come. definitely, i will be there in april and july. of course, am still looking forward to visiting you in ptt, between may and june.

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