My appetite was barely recognizable during my entire stint at Legacy Gym Boracay. I don’t know. I am almost embarrassed to confess. With all that fight training you expect me to eat like an elephant. But I did not. I feel like such a failure.

Before Legacy, I was always preoccupied with breakfast, lunch, and dinner. I have to eat, otherwise, I feel inadequate. But I go hard at training. I was always spent every after class. Too dead to even be hungry. This I realized after my first training session and I thought, “Right. This is how it ends.” 

But I did the best I could. My mornings start with a hot cup of soy milk, then I attend the morning training session at 8 AM. Two hours later, all I want is a nap. Never thought I would live to see it, but Winnie the Pooh, the answer to “What could be more important than a little something to eat?” is FUCKING REST.

I only have one big meal a day. What a disappointment. See, I only have a few hours before the afternoon training session at 4PM. Then at night, sometimes I am too mangled to look for a proper meal. But whenever I find enough life left in me, there are three wonderful restaurants along Diniwid near Legacy Gym that I frequent.  

First is Villus, a Filipino barefoot restaurant. Beautiful place, every bit like climbing a treehouse. 

I came in here and felt instantly at home. The owner is so nice. She is a lovely lady that even cooked pansit for me!    

Next is Melissa’s Place, a small shack with healthy and affordable food. If I manage to descend the hill after the morning training session, this is where I go. 

I adore their fruit shakes, maybe the cheapest in all of Boracay! Sometimes it is enough for me instead of a full meal. I like it. All my muscles need to do is swallow. 

Finally, there is an Italian restaurant at the further end of the street, near the beach area. I forgot the name. Starvation does that to you. But they have authentic Italian food and an Italian cook. He is the husband of the nice Filipina lady that I also met. They own and run the place and serve massive servings of good bolognese, risotto, and lasagna. 

I failed to take a photo of my bolognese as I was passing out. I wolfed down the plate and happily succumbed to the food coma after. I do not even remember how I made it back to Legacy, fuck.


  1. LOL Hilarious Post. Poor Winnie, got slapped by reality right there. Yes, That sometimes happens to me – no appetite after a workout… liquid food is a good idea…
    Rest is important! Enjoyed the humor – or sarcasm – Good job!


      1. Well I was involved in a gym programme a with weight training in a bid to loose weight. But 3 years into in and no results to show, I quit this year. Now i just jog ( a futile attempt due to panic attacks that i get 2 mins into the jog), swim, play tennis and do yoga… and if course am in this fat loss programme that monitors what you eat. Am down 7kgs in 2 months… loving it!


          1. I just started in Feb. This evening and for the next four days i have signed up for a crash course that runs 2 hours long. Im going to die, but I like what Yoga does for my muscles and back… give it a shot… u’ll love it…


              1. Sounds awesome… let us know when you get started and how you feel… would be interesting… but please stay away ( for now, have fully appreciated the actual Yoga) from bikram, power and aero yoga….


                    1. many thanks. i will ask them what is the best class for a beginner. while i have some degree of strength and flexibility, yoga is new territory and i want to ease in nicely.

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    1. i don’t know how it happens. too tired to eat is the only explanation! the last time i lived on camp i probably lost more than 10 lbs because i was not eating as much.


      1. Yeahh and after a while, your stomach seems to shrink and you cannot eat that much anymore… For example before I started training, I could easily eat a whole pizza, now I struggle to eat half a pizza!


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