I have to be careful lest I succumb to an identity crisis. From Boracay, I head straight to La Union, the surfing capital of the North. Massive breaks! Celestial difference from the tranquil, hypnotic waves of Boracay.

You probably think it is a better idea to let my bruises from Legacy Gym heal first before getting more from surfing. You are not wrong. But poisoned by the surf in Baler to close last year, I cannot pass this chance to visit Urbiztondo, San Juan to catch the waves with my very best friends. Do not worry. I will not be punished for my travel greed. My greed is the punishment and I can only be grateful my body tolerates our demanding schedule!

First surfing day proved rough. Overcast, the sea was out of control, very choppy. But you have to do what you have to do. Still stood on the first try, and eventually got a few scratches here and there after a shitload of fun on the surfboard.

For beginners, I think learning in Baler will be easier. The swells in La Union are more challenging, but hey, I am not saying they cannot be conquered!

However, the vibe in La Union is an entire world better. More established, more shops, more options and activities aside from surfing. All good fun. Now excuse me while I attend to my sunburn.



  1. Have lots of fun & would you take a plunge in the water for me? I live in Colorado & live about 3500 miles from the ocean! It has been about 6 yrs since I have been to the ocean! I sure do miss it!


      1. We have Garden of the Gods, strolling through & some rock-climbing in the same park. We also have Pikes Peak Mountain! Skiing in Vail & Aspen, then of course lots to do in Denver.
        Thank you for the dedication!


  2. OMG you surf too!! Okay… you are giving me a run for my money! Lol… I’ve never even been close to a surfboard…oops I lied – I have in Bondi but never been on one… the heart does desire to parasail…I even got THIS close to it, but then one look at me, and I was told… you’re too heavy!!! ;'( I shall nevertheless return.. one day… probably when I’m 80, and withered away, and weigh less! lol!


    1. hi, yes, i can be a busy girl. when you go to boracay you can try parasailing. seems cool. i have not tried it yet. easily distracted by more interactive things, but am sure i will get to it one time. just like you will, too!

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  3. Hi! I met some people from LA Union in Israel! Thanks for liking some recipes on my hodgepodge blog. I’ll put up a Caesar salad one you might like, too. Parasailing is boring after a few minutes; it doesn’t feel like you’re moving. May as well skydive and get a rush (I’m too old to want to do it anymore, so I should’ve tried it when I was young and stupid!). Good luck!


    1. cool, thanks for visiting. i like cliff jumping and will soon try sky diving. i agree with your thoughts on parasailing. is why am not too fussed to have a go. my best wishes too. thanks for dropping by!


      1. I don’t know I never really thought about it. The only beach I’ve been to that had large waves was in Bicol and I wasn’t thinking about it. Mostly snorkel when I’m there but next time I want to learn how to dive while i’m there.


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