Comforting, creamy, and delicious. There are very few certain good things in life and I am 100% sure ramen is one of them. I could eat it everyday, and in fact, I did in Bangkok. I regret nothing

There is just something about it that puts me at ease. Like whenever I want to have a good meal I know I can rely on it.

But then here comes this fucker… 

It looks like death. Everything about it says don’t eat it.

So I ate it.

You know those times when you just have to take a risk and after doing it you feel incredibly happy that you did? It was nothing like that.

This is so goddamn spicy Satan would eat it with obligatory immoderation.

Am I disappointed at myself? Yes. Have I learned my lesson?

Probably not.


35 thoughts on “DID SATAN MAKE THIS

  1. WTF is that!!!!! Was it chicken or beef or some sort of concortion with everything in it?? It looks sooo god damn hot!!! Bet your ass burnt! ha ha ha!

    I haven’t had a chance to try Ramen yet – i guess because I’m not sooo great a fan of noodles (depends on my mood – I love chow mein though!) But what is this ramen all about?? Sell it to me dear…

    But please… stay way from such stuff… its….dangerous!


  2. Worth remembering that in all nature the colour red serves as a warning. I can almost smell the heat by just looking at the picture. I love cooking spiced foods, but never so hot all you can taste are those nasty little red devils, and nothing else.

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  3. What’s in it, my Husband wants me to reproduce it. OR, what’s it called? Looks hellish in an interesting way. Not that I’m interested in hell…. I’ll just shut up now.

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