Several times I have droned on about the inexhaustible quality of traveling, that certain magic about it, how it goes on and on. I think it is very sexy, and thank God for it lest I cry Jesus tears from boredom. As it is, I kick this summer’s tour off by returning to Cebu, this time scheming to explore the south of the island.

It is a fair bit away, my destination, so I departed Manila prepared for a massacre. Just heading to the South Bus Terminal from the airport in Mactan, braving the Cebu City traffic, is an exercise in patience. Three hours and bleeding kidneys later, I finally arrive in the town of Tanaw-an in Oslob.   

Here is a typical beach town minus the shore. A bit odd, no? But that is more than fine. 

Things are bound to be spectacularly interesting at first light tomorrow. 


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