Friends have given up asking “Where are you going?” every time my backpack goes behind me. My reply remains the same, “Do I look like a person with a plan?”

Often, I just pick an entry point and go. That is the most important thing, isn’t it? I may do most things wrong, but if I have any remote sense of a shining quality, if at all, it is that I allow my feet to take me places. Sounds adventurous, I know, but do not be fooled. The main driving force is laziness. 

This summer, I knew I wanted to see whale sharks. From there, down the rabbit hole we go. More often than not, I get away with it okay. 

On this afternoon, I find an old town square near Tanaw-an. Classic Cebu. Ruins, old church, a museum, the coast.   
 I feel good. Bouncing back from my whale shark riding accident. The world is not in flames. 

Now it is all a matter of moving forward. 


26 thoughts on “DOWN THE RABBIT HOLE WE GO

      1. And I was mistaken for some location in Eastern or southern Europe… Going by the architecture of the building. pretty European.. Colonial period?


        1. oh wow! yes, rediscover your island. it is so massive. i might make arrangements to see the north end, too. bit excited thinking about that. what do you think of malapascua island?


  1. Love this picture:

    It’s just a tree and stuff, I guess; but it’s like a cup cake for me, setting off so many childhood memories – in this case, holidays taken on Adriatic island. Lovely post. Thank you.


  2. Fantastic capture and well backpacking without destination, hope I able to that for my life as I always busy mapping the route and organized the hotel to stay. Too tedious and hard work and sometime I wish I able to do as i wish and see the world with only my backpack and camera.
    Have a wonderful day, my friend.


    1. hello, lovely to hear from you again! yes, i am too lazy and disorganized to attend to all the travel necessities really, so mostly i just wing it. there are downsides and i am sure there are better ways to travel, but this is the best my lazy ass can do for now!

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  3. I envy your life – I’d like to do that someday just get up, throw on my backpack and go see places I’ve never been to. This place looks like a city where time stood still. I bet it has a lot of history to it… well, enjoy your stay there – looking forward to more amazing pictures and adventures you have there….


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