I feel one with King Ragnar in a sacrificial ritual traveling to Malapascua Island. 

The offering includes a ruptured spleen, swollen joints, and a partially collapsed lung, all from the bus marathon just heading to Maya Port, then another half hour or so to reach the main island of Malapascua – the Valhalla.  

It is so beautiful I can cry. The water is so clear you can see the ocean’s guts. I swear, it is like the sky has fallen and all the stars adapted and thrived on the seabed. 

No goggles required to marvel at Poseidon’s exhibitionism. It is fucking magnificent, you totally forget everything you have to complain about how remote it is.  

But naturally, I go hard at snorkeling too, because I need to practice as much as I can, if I am ever going to scuba dive. Hours upon hours on the beach. The rich underwater life is utterly fascinating. I won’t be surprised if i find Aquaman among the reefs here. It is that kind of place.

Hundreds of starfishes, in all sorts of colors and sizes, I must have seen. Fishes, big and small, schools that appear as if they are flower blooms, colonies of sea urchins, and a goddamn sea snake to boot.  

The bounty is never-ending. A whole new world. Thinking about it stirs my mind so much I worry my minute cabbage might explode.

Holy hell, I may be burnt to a crisp now, but it is motherfucking worth it.



      1. It’s all about the breathing for me. Underwater it is much slower and more methodical. The breathing controls your buoyancy too so you don’t have to fight to swim or stay afloat.

        It’s also quieter. I can withdraw myself into my own mind. It’s hard to explain but it’s definitely more calming which makes it easier for me.


  1. I have no words…. if the pictures are so magnificent, how must all this be in real life??? I want to come here and NEVER leave. I will not complain if all I eat for the rest of my days on this planet is fish and seaweed (oh and I won’t mind coconut, and may just live off plankton too), and have nothing to do but sit on the beach and watch days turn into nights…. this really is glorious! The best so far that I’ve seen you post so far….so much so, that I just noticed I haven’t paid attention to your injuries…. you will get over it…. but please, do not ever get over this moment….


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