Some people are experienced bush walkers; others are bush walk retarded. Like me. But if you think a dubious trail with no end in sight is going to stop me, you have a fundamental misunderstanding of who I am. 

Armed with curiosity and a dying light, I follow a non-existent rabbit and let the overgrowth swallow me.        
I wish I can romanticize this walk but really it is mostly tangles, roots, and bush taller than I am. It is incredibly hard to not see Kaa’s nest in my future. 

Also, have I mentioned I don’t know how long this walk is? It meanders here, there, and everywhere. I am afraid I would end up in Kenya at the end of this trail. Well, no. Actually, Kenya sounds fine. 

Come to think of it, I could have asked locals before going in, no? Oh well. This is fine. I won’t be lost in here forever. I will eventually be found. We have satellites. 

But the key is in putting one foot in front of the other. I do not know where I am going so any which way is really okay! 

But at the end of my walk, I think it is more than okay:
A cliff, overlooking the sparkling ocean. The shadows long and the heat of the sun long gone. Just in time for sunset in remote Malapascua. Again, I forgot what I have to complain about.

Now if only I can figure out how to get out of here and back to my room.



  1. Bush trail over beach anytime – those unsuspecting ( i doubt that) animals on the way help get the Adrenalin really pumping ( do you sometimes wonder they are just lying in wait of unsuspecting trekkers?) Oh and you are welcome to Kenya – in fact I wish there was a magical trail that would link all continents together then we could just walk over to each others houses – Hey Micah! I’m coming over – walking the golden trail to your house. Expect me in 2030!!!


    1. i think animals like minding their own business. most times i am happy to get out of their way. yes, that would be great. hey, is surinam in your continent? do you know anything about it?

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          1. I am sorry… i pressed send before i finished. He apparently is. I never heard of him until you mentioned him. But then again i am not so inclined towards tv. But now that you know our continent and country have great things to offer, hope you will consider visiting it some day


    1. hello, thanks. i like discovering things and new places. i always tell myself it does not matter if i get lost. i will find my way. eventually. thank you for dropping by. always great to hear from you!


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