In all my travels, this is probably the first time I hesitate talking about a place. Why? Because I feel ridiculous trying to put its majesty into words. No adjective suffices. This is the enchantment of Kalanggaman Island in Leyte. 

It is fucking beautiful.  

Simply, Kalanggaman is like the best beach you have ever seen. Only better. Crystal clear water that is simultaneously all the shades of blue. A long and white sandbar stretching to infinity. Coconut trees. I could cry really. 

This is the best I have found. Ever. I almost did not want to tell you about it. It does not matter if it is literally in the middle of nowhere. The astounding amount of nothing any which way you look only adds to the mystery and splendor of the island.  

In here, there is only the sunrise and the sunset, the bounty of the sea, and you. An isolated paradise. I won’t be surprised to find nymphs living here in secret. 

If you are crazy about the beach, Kalanggaman Island is the number one reason to visit the Philippines. Hell, to visit South East Asia. This is the best we have in the country, and dare I say, the best in the region. 

I mean, LOOK AT IT. Tell me how I can be wrong. 9 out of 10 visitors will agree with me. The 10th is a fucking liar. 



  1. You are 100% right! looks like one of those places I would want to keep secret so fuck idiots don’t screw it up. BTW: Might be in Manila/Bohol in Sept . My Grand Uncle passed last Thursday and my Cousin want to take him home to our province and spread his ashes there. – The Plunge?


    1. kalanggaman is breathtaking, almost spiritual. i only did a day trip but next time, i will camp there. i just have to, even if i have to risk a mini heart attack while watching the sunrise. sorry to hear about your uncle. aha, yes, hopefully the plunge is finished and has been tested by then.

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    1. hello, yes. snorkeling is beautiful in kalanggaman, just not at the end of the sandbar because there is current there so it is not safe. otherwise, everywhere else is great. visit one time! it is really a beautiful island.

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  2. How can beautiful place like this exist. I will definitely put it on my bucket list! (I won’t believe it’s real before I see it on my own :D) And by the way you have amazing blog.


  3. I really like how your blog looks. I would like to improve the look of my pages/categories. If you can point to any on line resources on how to organize posts so you can minimize them, then have an intro and then “continue reading…” that would be great…This place looks like heaven..


    1. hi, thank you. i did nothing manually regarding the layout of this blog. i just picked a free theme and that is it. you can look up the settings on your blog to tweak the display length of posts. alternatively, you can check threads on WP forum to find more information. thanks for dropping by!


      1. Definitely! And thanks for the advice! I am just embarking on a new project so I will not travel too far for a year, I suppose…but I got plenty of time to get ready for it in the meantime! šŸ˜‰


                  1. Hi Micah! My partner and I are setting up a bed and breakfast overlooking the rolling hills of Tuscany šŸ™‚ It will surely involve baking bread and…much more! Can’t wait to open! šŸ™‚ More info to come! All the best and wish you a lovely day!


  4. LOL! This is hilarious! And it’s very decent of you to share such a beautiful place, I’m not sure if I would have kept it a secret šŸ˜› love your style of writing and the length. Thanks!


    1. hi, yes, this is the most beautiful island i have seen this year. i feel lucky to have been here before the masses come, and i am sure they will. many thanks for dropping by. great to hear from you!

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  5. Hahaha… loved your article and I agree with you 1/10 person who said this Island is lame is a liar! Been to this island myself and yes, it’s breath-taking!


  6. Micah,

    Thanks for stopping by my blog! Glad you found something of interest.

    The Philippines is the last major country to visit in SE Asia for us and as such Mr. TxP and I keep and eye out for interesting travel recs. Glad I read this post….this island sounds and looks amazing.

    Your other post on Corregidor….I felt very much the same when we visited Normandy. Even with so many live people milling about, it wasn’t enough to shake off the essence of the spirits of all the young men that lost their lives there. It’s travel experiences like this that helps us to keep our humanity and life in perspective.

    Regards, Pepper


    1. hello mrs.p! glad you could drop by. kalanggaman is best seen during the summer months. wet season now but i wish you a spell of sun so you can indulge in this beautiful island. i agree with your thoughts on the war places. you just feel it and all we can do is hope nothing similar occurs again. wishing you safe travels!


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