The most beautiful bread in all of Mactan comes out of the small bakery of Haruhay Dream Resort in Marigondon Beach Road, Cebu. European breads, mostly Austrian and German. All laced with the nectar of the Gods. Handmade every day, from scratch, quality ingredients imported from another continent. How can you go wrong? 

Usually, the best part is eating the bread, but sometimes Lady Door favors me. Guess who got invited to help out in the boulangerie? 

In this trip, I have done so many brilliant things, but spending a day inside this magical place is pretty special.  

The air inside is so thick with calories you can almost see it. Beautifully scented sludge everywhere. 

The shop is the size of a lunch box but they do everything important here: sourdoughs, pretzels, baguettes, cheese breads, apple strudels, on and on. Pure gold for the motherfucking hips.  

I am beyond ecstatic. My heart implodes with happiness. See, I do bake but only sweets, which says a lot about me actually. But being here, surrounded with all these bread, all these live yeast, watching a master in action, making my first baguette, and just drowning in this delicious full-on sensory assault – I feel at one with the universe. Here I am. Exactly where I wanted to be.  

 And also, I may or may not have licked one of the cheese breads and put it back on the tray. The mysteries of life. How will you ever know? 



  1. Eugh Micah! How dare you! (referring to your last bit about licking one and putting it back…) I love the smell of freshly baked goodies… And I didn’t know you baked! Maybe you should do a post on one of your creations. Try something savoury… I’m thinking cheese, marinara and herb baguette! Yum!


    1. i may or may have not done it, take it easy! this bakery is incredible. smells of carbohydrates! i do bake, but only sweets. yeast intimidates me. because it is alive. but i think i can give bread making a try after this experience. all so exciting!

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            1. next time, no worries. oh i have a question. i have a new yoga mat but it is slippery. i washed it with soap, and after cider vinegar, but the traction is still not adequate. i know this is common for new mats and they do need a break in but any ideas to speed up the process?

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    1. it is everything good in the world! wow, yes, make the most of it and learn from your mom. technique is everything and practice is required. i don’t mind though. i really like baking!

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  2. Now I’m hungry and it’s just 10:30 am! O.o ahah my relatives produce bread in USA and I like it even if I like to try many different kind of cereal to vary my diet! Thanks for your like I hope wee will follow each other πŸ˜‰ GΓ¬

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