Eleven hours is an awfully long time. I could have performed 2 heart surgeries, 4 cesarean section births, and a dozen circumcisions.

But long gone are my hospital working days and my 11 hours I spent in a God forsaken road trip to reach Vigan, Ilocos Sur. A task which should have taken about 8 hours – still no joke. 

Holy hell. Fuck road trips. I would sell the most tedious ones to Satan for raisins. 

In an attempt to regain the natural curve of my spine, I decide to take a walk in the Heritage Village near my hotel after checking-in. 

This place is like any cobbled street in the world, only ancient. It is so old even the air smells vintage. Have I mentioned it is close to midnight now?   

The old structures take on a new appeal at night. The shadows are longer. The quiet magnified. I half-expect to bump into Heneral Luna at a corner, or if I am luckier, maybe find the entrance to The Cemetery of Forgotten Books. 

Such mystery in these walls. History everywhere shrouded by the dark. Who knows what these things have seen? 

But at this dead hour of night, I don’t really want to know.  


24 thoughts on “HAUNTING VIGAN

  1. God, you are brave. The pictures themselves look eerie… reminds me of my trip to zanzibar. A stroll back to the hotel at 8pm through dark alleys and howling ( yes correct) of cats( yes, correct again), the feeling that something was following us, almost certain we could hear footsteps trailing us…gave me a near out-of-body experience… maybe the place will look better at day time…and you can then erase this terrible memory and replace it with a happier one


    1. zanzibar, might need to look it up. sounds interesting though. i am not the biggest fan of horror but there is a curious quality to it: dark, mystery, surprise. still a good experience. what i like about vigan at night is the quiet. in the day the crowds are massive!

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      1. Yes, you would like it. Another island paradise. I am not a fan of the dark myself. Too many horror movies seen that the mind has been corrupted to almost always play tricks with me. By the way, I did not know you had a medical career for a background. Interesting discovery my friend.

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        1. a dark island, fascinating. not a fan of horror movies myself. my mind is incredibly active. horror is hardly the best stimuli. aha, yes but i have given that up a long time ago, did not fit the lifestyle i want. how did your job hunting go btw?

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          1. Like wise hun. I know what you mean when you say “did not fit the lifestyle”. I though i was the only one who turned down a good job offer recently because ” it didn’t fit my lifestyle” ( high five!! )


            1. back at you. it is good to know what you want and be empowered enough to seek a life that fits your needs. i get a little sad hearing people passionate about certain things but they are hindered by their job or other factors.

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              1. Yes… but jobs bring money…and money takes you to all the wonderful places in the world. Im actually at my laptop preparing a list of trails and hikes I can do this year. Soooo much to do, so little time ( and money ..he h! )


                1. my suggestion is to find a job that will allow you to indulge your passions. at least this is what i created for myself and i have never been happier. i feel productive, creative, and free. so you are totally into trails! that is fantastic. you inspire me to try more of it.

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                    1. I am thinking the same. But people seem to see the switch as demeaning. How can one work for a position one is much higher qualified for and for so little pay. I say, to hell with such a qualification that eats up your dreams… ( well not so harshly, but you got to weigh it out sometimes… dreams vs career)


                    2. if possible, make the dream the career. you earn the money and you like the life you live. it does not have to be easy or low paying. it can both be demanding and well paying. much like the goals you list in the beginning of a month, the trick is in knowing what you want and need and finding that sweet position that ticks all the boxes. compromises are inevitable but go with what you can live with.

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                    3. Wow… hard task there, but not impossible. I am at the point of redefining myself. Its like starting a sketch, and then ending up with a beautiful drawing. I am known to create complex pieces of abstract art… I can only pray I do not end up as one 🙂


                    4. you make abstract art, wow! it took a lot to restructure my life. i had to work hard and go through so much crap. but everything turned out well! my best wishes!

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    1. thank you, you are the sweetest. thanks for taking the time to visit. always nice to hear from you. do you like heritage villages? have you been to one similar to vigan?


      1. 🙂 I try my best to keep up! Interesting as it seems, I have not. Would like to however, but then again, all seems appealing to me. The roadtrip of 11 hours not as much, I must admit, did you travel onwards or did you have to take the same one back?


  2. Hi! Cool blog! What’s your profession? 🙂 are you a doctor? Dietician or any-related science professional? 🙂 hehe just wondered since you mentioned surgeries, circumcisions, and section births.


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