“What the hell do people come here for?” This was my first uninspired outburst at 10 years old when I first visited the Heritage Village in Calle Crisologo, Vigan City, Ilocos Sur.
The road trip is back breaking and the derelict structures seem to wear the remnants of the Great Flood. Should I be impressed?

Many years later, I am back in these cobbled streets. Like reuniting with an old movie star. The face older than the last, more cracks and fault lines. 

Vigan is in the same detritus state I remember. The smell of horse shit perfuming the streets, alternating with the whiff of a long forgotten, crumpled 20 Peso bill. 

But there is an even larger throng of tourists now, would you believe? If it was difficult to appreciate it as a kid, now it is close to excruciating.

What am I missing? 

In everything there is beauty. I know I just have to try hard enough. Vigan proves a challenge. But I like challenges. This is the start of what I found:

 Goes to show, there are rewards if one stops being a whiny little shit.



            1. it is not as grand now. it is a peeling city. still, tourists flock to vigan to see the heritage village. i prefer las casas filipinas though.


      1. Yes… makes sense, this inland shift… we are approaching out topical winter… ( temps range between 16°C and may drop to 10°C by end of august). I know what you are thinking, double digits do not qualify as ” winter”. Trust me, I have been in -1°… but I just cant deal with anything less than 19 or 20 deg… food would be comforting… looking forward to those… ( as i tub my hands together and exhale a smoke cloud from my mouth)


          1. I thought thailand didnt experience such low temps… we were their for the winter ( 27°C) and they though that was cold. But I’ve heard Chiang Mai gets cooler… which part were you in


              1. Wow! That is pretty interesting. Thank you for the heads up. I definitely want to re-visit BKK but, will keep an eye out for those low temps. I had a tough time dealing with my first ever (real) winter in Australia. I remember I went through a zillion coats from autumn till winter broke. Until I was introduced to inner skiwear… lol…lifesavers!


  1. It is really a good start what you did, and I can imagine trying to find colours and angles for pictures made you use your eyes even more. Beauty sometimes really stands in details. One of the magics of photography!
    Have a great Sunday!

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  2. I find it funny how as a child we sometimes don’t really appreciate something that we then end up cherishing in our memories.


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