Proper food is the cure to all ills, I have always maintained. But I admit “proper” is highly debatable.

In my case, it is usually dairy crack, heaps of pasta, and an abundance of chicken wings. 

The bingeing is supposed to be occasional but has been regular these last months, my eating habits a delicious lawless wasteland. 

In hindsight, it would have been better to watch it since my physical activity amounts to zero. But I guess eating like a maniac is my favorite form of coping. 

After training in Legacy Boracay earlier this year, I injured my right wrist. My left wrist followed a couple of months later. 

At this point, I abandoned my fitness routine as something tells me my right or left leg will only follow my sidelined upper limbs. This something being my twisted outlook on training harboring on obsession. Which does not help me at all. 

But there is always a time for everything and now the feasting is coming to a close. 

With my wrists feeling better, I return to Legacy Boracay in a few days and pay for every single slice of pizza I have wolfed down. 

I regret nothing.


    1. i try. my fitness has always been up and down. but i do not get too frustrated. if i feel like eating, i eat. if i feel like training, i train. just go with it. thank you for visiting!

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      1. Ideal attitude. If you have to ‘force’ yourself to do something (train, eat more veg, whatever) you not only won’t sustain it, you’ll come to resent it, and make life that much harder when circumstances mean you really MUST do more of whatever that thing is.


  1. I am salivating looking at that food…. loving it! All the best with your return to Boracay. But please be careful… we don’t want you out of action much longer. Enjoy your treats, good friend, I am undergoing fasting withdrawal…. brain still needs to accept that it is allowed to eat now….


    1. thank you. i am excited. need to work hard now because i have gained weight. wow fasting. i admire your fortitude! over the weekend i saw a cage fighter fight so well while having a full camp during ramadan. incredible.

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    1. aha, don’t worry i feel great! food makes me happy. be better of course if i am training too, that way there is some sense of balance. in a few days!


            1. when i was in legacy last february, a swede fighter told me he does not rely on motivation to get things done. motivation comes and goes but discipline stays! naturally, i have neither motivation nor discipline so i just wished him the best.

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  2. You are just the type of food temptress I need to avoid until my own weight is at its proper level. I wanted to lift the food off the page and gobble it all up. Can you put something boring up next time….ha ha


      1. No problem πŸ™‚ You liked my blog post, so I thought I’d take a look at yours! I love your photos, haha. Thanks for the good luck. I’m just trying to eat healthily by making slow lasting changes to my habits… So no fizzy drinks, and trying to reduce my carbs. I’ve been struggling to lose weight for a couple of years now, lol. I’m kinda desperate.


        1. thank you, much appreciated. earing healthy is challenging, i agree. i don’t have self control so i rely on physical activity to keep me going. not a lot of luck so far! but again, i wish you the best!


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