In Legacy Gym Boracay, I choose to eat on my own every after training. Not to avoid social interaction but just to ensure my eating habits does not land too far from the intense daily training. 

While I can be a glorious pig, this is not the exact place I wish to be roasted.

My diet here is simply grilled meat, eggs, fruits, and a bit of toast occasionally. And because I am also a lazy ass, I never truly venture out of Diniwid Beach Road where the gym is. 

I just go a little bit to the left or right and eat what I can find. Thankfully, there is some good food to be had nearby.

The fruit stand a few meters up the road is heavenly. A fruity wonder of nature with a healthy mix of bananas, mangoes, pineapples, avocadoes, oranges, and lanzones. One time I got lucky and found an orb of pomelo!

Also, there are also lots of tiny street-side grills here selling barbecue, hotdogs, and an odd assortment of chicken neck and feet, pig’s ears, liver, and guts, and blood on a stick. 

Mysterious, I know. The first time I saw it my reaction is first cousin to suspicion too but these places are okay. 

I only get a few sticks of pork barbecue in the evenings and share them with the dogs here in Legacy. 

Sometimes, I also buy half a roast chicken from an equally tiny kiosk and stuff it on my face. 

Then a little further down is the small shop I mentioned a few months ago. If I attend the 10 AM session, this is where I have brunch, which is usually a very good nap waiting to happen. 

It can get incredibly exhausting, training twice in a day and squeezing work in. But there is nothing to be done but to keep going. 

All the pizza I ate before won’t burn itself!


  1. This looks great! Cannot wait to try all the food from the tiny street vendors! Do you have a big appetite while training? From what I hear about Legacy (from Tim) I am sure that you have burnt those pizzas already!


    1. hi, not really. like we discussed before, the hunger seems to be supressed. too tired, i guess. tim has been working hard and we had a good chat yesterday. you are right, he is a great guy. too bad i won’t catch you here. next time!


    1. oh thank you! it is a nice street. very different from the rest of the island which can be terribly busy. many thanks for visiting. always great to hear from you.


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