It has been done. My second and possibly final trip to Legacy Gym Boracay this year comes to a close. I am equal parts happy and somewhat alienated to report that this leg is quite incomparable to my first visit. 

Training-wise, learning new muay thai technique is limited. My favorite trainer is gone and no one has taken his place. I still bring home swollen limbs, let me tell you, but it is not black or as brutal as the last. 

However, my boxing knowledge greatly improved. If there is anything the pack of trainers left knows, it is good Filipino boxing. In fact, they have impressed me so much I have taken interest in learning it right in the future. 

Also when I arrived, a much younger crowd greeted me. I miss the faces of the fighters I trained with before. But I guess I could have enjoyed the company of the new residents more, just that I am always exhausted at the end of the day and totally spent from training and working. 

But on a positive note, this means my focus skyrocketed. The first time was definitely wilder. Really long nights and all! 

But now discipline rules as I stick with the training and give my body the proper rest and recovery it needs. 

The difference is massive. I have more energy and more important, I do not wake up and spend my days in total pain!

In all, I would say I still had a good time training in Legacy Gym Boracay. It may look different on the surface but it is still the same place that I love.

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