From Legacy Gym, I trade the sun, sea, and sand of Boracay for the cold, fog, and verdant mountainous landscape of Baguio City, all the way up north in the Cordillera Autonomous Region. 

My glaring tan lines are shockingly out of place amid the mist! 

But before anything, some serious rejuvenation is required. You don’t live in the gym, breathe training, and travel for almost 700 km without dying a little. 

To regain my human form, I spend a day at North Haven Spa, adjacent my hotel Casa Vallejo. What a spectacular place! 

It has the ambience of an ancient healing place in the Mountain Province. I half-expect a tribal witch doctor to greet me, complete with long beaded necklace and colorful tattoos, wearing traditional red, and smoking tobacco leaves. 

Indulgent and luxurious, I embarked in all sorts of rescucitating therapies from head to foot that washed away all the long and hard days of training at Legacy. 

The facial massages and masks are luscious and the foot treatments divine. They apply varied pastes and scrubs, and at one point, I got my feet painted with strawberry goo – as in painted pink with a paint brush!

But my favorite has got to be the indigenous massage Tal-talad-tad. Wow! My body forgot all the exertion and challenges of gym living. The massage has it all: long and short strokes, pressure points, and a continuous and softening hand chopping motion. What a treat. 

I have been exhumed successfully, if not beautifully. 

11 thoughts on “CORDILLERA BLISS

          1. Thank you dearest. Well, I make it a point to get out and do what I can in terms of physical activities. But yes, they have suffered. Especially Tennis. And if i quit, i’ll fell like a woos 😦


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