Rarely do I discuss it but I enjoy doing other stuff apart from wolfing down obscene amounts of food and engaging in activities that will probably send me on a wheelchair. Like reading. 

I adore books. Its sensuality, escapism, and wonder. The intelligence and creativity. How much effort goes in and how many secrets are kept inside the works…

This is probably the most romantic way I can talk about staring at pieces of dead trees and hallucinating over the squiggles. But hey, it works. 

Naturally, bookshops are my paradise. Especially the tiny and obscure ones oozing character and heart. 

Which is also why I turned into a screaming wonder of nature when I saw Mt. Cloud Bookshop after emerging in one of the long corridors of Casa Vallejo. 

The size of a salad spinner, this independent book store is a cliche-come-true. Mt. Cloud is hardly The Cemetery of Forgotten Books nor Mr. Penumbra’s 24-hour Bookstore but it is perfect – from the smell, the look, the atmosphere. 

The stock is 90% local authors too, which is pretty rocking. I have not read a lot of homegrown material but there is no better place to get inspired. 

Damn. I wish I could live here!

35 thoughts on “AFTER PENUMBRA

      1. I am a fan of books, but have grown more fond of electronic copies since college.

        I do enjoy visiting book shops but I very rarely purchase hardcopies. The last one I bought (or rather, I picked it out and my husband made a gift of it) was Pride, Prejudice and Zombies and maybe one of Dan Brown’s.


    1. so comforting, right? it just has more character compared to the numerous commercial bookstores. places like mt. cloud you feel as if were created just for you alone. there is an unmistakable magic about it. thank you for visiting!

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    1. i would not mind to be twins with you. that would be great! we could do all of our physical activities together. i adore books. what is your favorite and what genres do you usually read?

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      1. Oh… i have too many favourites…. but i think a book that i could keep going back to would be eat pray love. I do a lot of genres….except sci fi and romance… cant stand these… and you??


        1. i have read that! i enjoyed the food and the yoga. no doubt we both have it on our shelves. no romance for you, so what did you think of the last bit of eat pray love when it all became lovey-dovey? my favorite book ever is alice’s adventures in wonderland. top genres are classics and historical fiction. i also like history and biographies.


  1. To find an independent, out-of-the-way book store, to riffle through what appears to be a tumbleweed of books, but is, in reality, a carefully-curated, lovingly-acquired literary treasure trove, is a secret joy that I share with you.

    If you have visited the Cemetery of Forgotten Books, there are other literary mysteries you might consider:
    – The Rule of Four (Ian Caldwell and Dustin Thomason) in which the key to solving a murder lies in decoding the very mysterious Hypnerotomachia Poliphili;
    – The Sign of the Book (John Dunning), a less arcane effort featuring an antiquarian book dealer and a reluctant private investigator;
    – The Eyre Affair (Jasper Fforde) a wacky tale which follows the adventures of literary detective Thursday Next for whom the literary classics literally come alive;
    – The Book of Air and Shadows (Michael Gruber) which follows an international conspiracy over the discovery of an original Shakespeare document; and
    – The People of the Book (Geraldine Brooks) in which is authenticated a rare, illuminated Passover Haggadah.

    My top pick remains (as it, obviously, does for you) Zafón’s The Shadow of the Wind. The most fun, without a doubt: The Eyre Affair.



    1. oh thank you for the recommendations. i will try to find them here. even though ebooks are convenient, i am a fan of paperbooks through and through.


      1. I read printed books and e-books and I listen to audio books. Each serves a purpose and each has its merits. In the end, though, the feel and the romance of the printed book capture my heart in a way the other formats cannot. Only paper can hold, in its very fibers, the imagination of the writer and the beauty of a sentence well wrought.


  2. There is bookstore in Portland, Oregon that has several stories high, and goes on for a whole block, from on traffic light to another. There are categories after categories of book. We need a map to find the section, then find the book. I could get lost in it anytime… but we always just go for a visit, couldn’t linger for too long 😦


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